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Tragedy: Man kills wife and 4 kids, kills himself

A village called Ulstrup in central Denmark has recorded a tragedy where a man  killed five members of his family before taking his own life, police said Tuesday.

All six victims’ two adults and their four children were found dead at their home near the town of Randers in western Denmark.

Police said their investigation showed that the 45-year-old man had killed his wife, aged 42, their two daughters aged 6 and 16, and two sons aged 3 and 11 before taking his own life.

Although autopsies had been conducted on Tuesday, no cause of death or motive had yet been given by police.

However, authorities denied media reports that the victims had died of gas poisoning.

East Jutland Police said that two adults and four children were discovered dead in the house after receiving a tip-off about a ‘suspicious situation’ at the address.

“Upon arrival to the location we found six people – two adults and four children – all of whom were dead,” police said in a Monday press release.

Police have been at the scene since midday Monday, where a large area was cordoned off and both dog patrols and forensic experts had worked through the night.

Local citizens planned to commemorate the victims on Tuesday evening and media reports said a moment’s silence was held at a local high school.

“This is a tragic and awful event that has occurred in Ulstrup. It will of course affect the day in both the daycare institution and the school,” Rasmus Møller told local broadcaster

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