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Tribal Political Conflict, the Gods Must Be Crazy



Why always the Heart and breath of South East one may ask ? but the simple answer is that “Mberede nyiri dike, ma mberede ka eji ama dike” [Suddenness is the bane of a warrior, but reacting to emergency makes a warrior].

Sure, every Surugede political dance starts in ANAMBRA and we set the stage that brought every macabre dance to the Political future of the nation, with that behind the minds of the infidel ,they love to sow seeds, sorry bountiful seeds of discord in the state ,aided by sons of the soil “ndi mmiri bara isi “.

Bringing us to the latest dance of the usurped as currently playing in my state, starting with how much we spent on truncating, removing a very wonderful Senator who we all know is 5 Senators in one .

She went to the Senate out of frustration and not of choice ,when her party Chairman took her ticket to the House of Reps and gave it to another Bidder, forcing her to alternate party and snatch the senatorial quest which the self serving Chairman craved.

She was able to secure the most sought after Chairman in the Senate, CHAIRMAN DOWN STREAM PETROLEUM. Other Tribes gnashed their teeth, other states prayed HAIL MARY for such a position but when the gods in some Riverline towns in Anambra where having a pissing contest, the result of that contest took collateral on the town weak one, suddenly it resulted into a fevered dream of angling to remove the only Senator that works and will make our ORIENT PETROLEUM  a reality.

The conspiracy involved spending huge amount of loans we took but who the gods wants to kill ,they will first made Senseless. Deaf, Dull and Dumb.

Cutting the story short ,we spent Hell to truncate the only goal we may have scored in the dispensation of a Federal Sadistic government ,then after achieving that Satanic goal ,we spent another loan buying the hands that will give back the Ticket for the Re run .

Wait let me explain ,when my state were spending our money to buy the unthinkable ,what they paid for was an- exchange of the serving senator with that of LIFE CHAIRMAN of the party called Sir Victor Umeh ,but since the mistake of getting ADAKA NA ONU ENWE has become a trend ,the Court gave them ADAKA na onu enwe as well.

Instead for what they paid for which is remove EKWUNIFE and ask SENATE to SWEAR INN VICTOR UMEH ,the Court called for FRESH ELECTION ,meaning that everything will go back to Status Quo and another round of wasteful spending and hostility will be observed in my state .

As we took our NWANYI noduru okwu ,sitting at the untared part of the house watching with keen interest on the Part that brought us into this unwanted path to perdition ,we heard another one…THAT MY STATE spent 200 MILLION to buy off STATE PDP from fielding a candidate,a candidate that is a serving Senator which is the dream of all parties .

Our head went into spiral roll ,we seek the face of the gods to understand what went wrong with our pride and sense ,then before the gods will even come out from the eating  the Suya sacrifice we offered  ,we heard that OUR STATE gave another 1.5 Billion to APC just to get them deny the same woman ticket for the race . She went into that party as alternative when the gods closed the eyes of her party .

We shouted ,we cried ,we mourn and we lamented, and as if the equity look set to be balanced ,as the party after taking our 1.5 Billion and send down some Clowns to come and hand down  the party Ticket to a Woman without Voters Card ,a Woman who has no tax record ,a woman whose moral life will not be taught in any school ,the delegates started a song and a revolution that if there must be Primaries that the WOMAN with a MIDAS TOUCH must be a candidate or there won,t be any contest ,so the drive for APC AFFIRMATION become a mission of PRIMARIES .

They did everything within the crooked book of the party to manipulate the primaries ,but after 4 Local Government Voted and the party NWC saw that what the woman with THE MIDAS TOUCH takes as lead against the othet THING – is the distance between ONITSHA and KANO [Trekking Distance] ,they suddenly cried fatigue ,they tuck tail ,because the HAUNTED WOMAN were leading with 284 Votes against 34 to the other THING and the remaining 3 Local Governments have total of 75 more votes ,which if giving to the other THING will simply place her in a distant 2 position . 

Despite the fact that my state sponsored THAT THING to come up against THE MIDAS TOUCH ,when my state saw the hand written on the VOTERS CARD ,they move down again to APC NATIONAL and another 1.5 BILLION ,a political idiotic magic happened ,the party gave ticket to a woman who did not win her own WARD during the party primaries . Moving on ,,,

THE ADAKA NA ONU ENWE PART 2- after all the money my state spent ,the SUPREME court sold us the Highest ADAKA when they gave a Judgement that is been interpreted till now on who should be a SENATOR and who is not ,as if that is not much ,my state went another Shopping this time to INEC and after another 1 BILLION ,INEC wrote the SATANIC VERSION which provides that it must be all the candidates that contested the previous election ,meaning that the INEC lawyers must be charge and bail lawyers ,if not when APPEAL COURT said  FRESH ELECTION ,it means

[1] Every party will hold a primaries witnessed by INEC 

[2] APGA must hold her own primaries with INEC present ,same with all the parties

 and if that is not the case ,the election will continue in courts because it is subject to litigation to define the meaning of FRESH ELECTION .

Now the Fun part is that even if it warrants that only those  contested will contest again and lets say that my Government succeeded in removing the first FEMALE GOVERNOR in the making ,,they did not count on DR CHRIS NGIGE “ONWA” who carried the APC flag before ,he was beating by same FEMALE GOVERNOR in Making and now that he may have had the assurance of that very woman that she is not going to whoop him again ,it means he will come out with a big swag and i can bet anybody that between TOMB RAIDER and NGIGE ,that even TOMB RAIDER will vote for Ngige and many NDI ANAMBRA CENTRAL will vote for NGIGE even if it is SYMPATHY vote to remonstrate what my party and Government did to our DOWN STREAM PETROLEUM CHAIRMAN .

Finally ,the last Dinge will be in 2017 ,after all we buried over 10 billion to send Umeh to Senate which is a Mirage and where are we going to get loans for 2017 when every bitter candidate in the state will stand behind the Woman with a Midas touch ?, As it is now ,it is evident that even 2017 has been wasted because of this UMEH MADNESS and i am not predicting ,i am only stating the obvious . 

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