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Tribute to My Departed Dalori [A Poem]


Our future was designed with crystal elements, shining with no expectation of it getting dimmed;

we were created and called innocents and our breath was products of  hope for better tomorrow,  little did we know it was offending some persons our country’s President called misguided brothers ;

we anticipated  greater tomorrow and looked forward to partaking in the enterprise of our land where,  as innocent teenagers longed to  contribute especially as we wished to advance the cause of our motherland from the hands of vultures who sail under  false colors to deceive us daily;

we were not rich, but we were happy;

we had no light but we usually gather every night under the shade of the moonlight to listen to stories and folk tales, ours was a generation of innocence;

we lived innocently without having to know what insecurity was all about.

Then… like a flash, our present and future came clashing with survival strings closed and clamped down by strange fellows from the forest…

with sudden earthquake boisterously… 

replica to that of civil war amidst running and wailing…

gun shoots rented the air…

we were cut short from becoming the generation we anticipated…

we were evacuated without notice, from the land of our birth…


It began like wild fireworks until our perception was swayed in utter disbelief when men numbered in their hundreds came, shooting sporadically into the air and aiming at every living thing in our community…

Dalori wept in utter abandonment and helplessness…

They killed our mothers and couldn’t pardon our existence as adolescents, many of my mates were sent to their early graves, not with dignity but with cruelty as we were roasted to ashes…



mothers couldn’t behold their kids and young ones as every step taken by these strange men were articulated to wiping the entire village;

the village of my birth;

DALORI, a name I first obtained as an identity. 

Oh my Dalori 

Even the sun struggled with the moon that day for a space as every cry was silenced  with fierce burn fire. 

We were killed, burnt together with my village Dalori!!

Rest in peace my adolescence counterparts.

Live to be a cursed town, my dear DALORI.

Fatherhood deluded, motherhood delusioned;

 Our future jammed with unsolved puzzle, in all, we still ask…  #Whatwasourcrime?

Prince Chux Davix Onyemaka

National President, Rescue Nigeria for Nigerians 


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