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More trouble for Joe Igbokwe as Wike Rejects apology

By Ogbuefi Ndigbo


Joe Igbokwe, alias YORUBAKwe has goofed again. This time, his fate is hanging on a weighing balance and I’m advising the Rivers State Government, to make sure he pays with his anus.


“Wike will not have the audacity and temerity to kill again in Rivers State and run to Supreme Court to buy justice. It will never happen again where Buhari is the President” – Joe Igbokwe (Lagos APC Publicity Secretary)


“…We hereby give Mr Igbokwe seven days to name the Supreme Court justices that Governor Wike allegedly bribed or be ready to face the consequences” – Emma Okah (Commissioner for Information, Rivers State)


“Please let it be known and it is hereby made known that I have withdrawn the post I did few days ago on Facebook suggesting that The Apex Court compromised on matters concerning 2015 Rivers State Governorship elections.

It was not a calculated attempt to cast aspersions, demean and disparage the entire Bar and the Bench which I hold to the highest esteem. I am too small and too insignificant to do this.

It was a mistake and I take responsibility for my action. It was a personal opinion. This is to tender an unconditional and unreserved apology to all those felt offended by my post and a promise to avoid such drivel in future. To err is human!” Mr Joe Igbokwe (Lagos APC Publicity Secretary)


“…He accused Governor Wike of committing a crime of murder and after doing that, he said, he would run to Supreme Court, so let him tender a proper apology. Once he tenders a proper apology, the Rivers state government will know what to do,” – Emma Okah (Commissioner for Information, Rivers State)

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JOE IGBOKWE’s STUPIDITY has Nothing to do with APC. Let him alone face his idiocy.

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