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Trump And The Parable Of The Cave – By Emmanuel Onwubiko


The road to the United States of America’s Presidency for the Billionaire businessman Mr. Donald Trump has been topsy-turvy and can best be described as a pyrrhic victory.

The processes leading to the election of Donald Trump and the defeat of Mrs. Hilary Clinton the erstwhile Secretary of state to the immediate past US President Mr. Barrack Obama saw a grave degeneration of the hitherto elevated status of the American brand of democracy.

The dirty languages and the phenomenal rise of fake news online media which spewed out hate messages reduced the respectability that the civilized World had of the United States of America.  

Even Russia and China that are anything but democratic jeered at the Americans for making jest of their unique brand of democracy.

The reclusive dictator of North Korea even laughed scornfully at Americans soon after the election for not conducting smooth and controversy free election.

Both the Republican Party and her rival the Democrats were equally guilty of adopting dirty tricks to try to de-market the other before the American voters.

Coming as it were from outside the Washington Dc power base, the Republican Party outsider managed to out maneuver the entire entrenched political dynasties both in his political party and the rival Democratic Party to emerge as the winner of the last American Presidential poll to the consternation of the Democrats and her wealthy backers including some of the richest persons on the face of Earth.

The campaigns leading to his eventual victory and his January 20th 2017 inauguration as the 45th President of the United State of America are described as ‘hate-filled’, ‘divisive’ and ‘sensational’.

With his ascension to the office of President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump seems to have opened more battle fronts when he signed series of executive orders amongst which is this particular one that bans citizens of seven majority Islamic nations from visiting the country for at least three months.

He also slammed an indefinite ban on visitors from Syria. Countries such as Sudan, Somalia in Africa, Iraq, Iran, were amongst those who came under the hammer.

At first, the executive order banning certain categories of visitors into the USA created a global wide panic and travel chaos going by the fact that some of these passengers from the aforementioned countries, who were air borne as at the time the executive order was signed and enforced, were caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

They arrived at the JFK Airport, Queens’ street in New York, Airport in Washington DC and many other entry points but were blocked from stepping their legs into the nation popularly called God’s own nation.

 Crowds of people massed together in different parts of the World to oppose the travel ban.

Big businesses in the technology sector have written to oppose the travel ban which will negatively impact their global wide businesses.

Even the technology giant and the World’s richest person who owns Microsoft is opposed to this travel ban.

A letter has been sent by these big businesses to Donald Trump to ask for variation in the applications of the travel ban.

The British government also made frantic effort and succeeded in getting the US President to exempt British citizens from the travel ban especially if they have dual nationalities that relates to the banned Islamic countries. Nigeria for now is not affected by the travel ban.

The immediate past President Mr. Obama who spent his brief out of office holiday with the British Billionaire Sir Richard Branson, in his virgin Island mansions, broke a Presidential tradition of former Presidents not criticizing their successors by clearly opposing the travel ban. 

Obama has returned to his new private home in Washington DC. 

But this executive order by Donald Trump is currently being challenged by some dissenting Americans.

Others have likened the impression President Donald Trump has of Muslims to the experiences of the freed slaves from the iconic Plato’s cave.

These people said Donald Trump needs to better understudy traditions and historicity of Muslims so he stops behaving like the typical inmate of Plato’s cave that has just been released.

You may be wondering why Plato’s theory of the cave is apt in this debate.  

Mr. Samuel Enoch Stumpf who edited a scholarly book of philosophy narrated this story of the cave people as originated by the Ancient Philosopher- Plato.

He wrote as follows: “Plato asks us to imagine some men living in a large cave where from childhood they have been chained by the leg and by the neck so that they cannot move.”

“Because they cannot even turn their heads, they can only see what is in front of them.”

“Behind them is an elevation that rises abruptly from the level where the prisoners are seated. On this elevation there are other persons walking back and forth carrying artificial objects, including the figures of animals and human beings made out of wood and stone and various other materials.”

Plato’s theory of the cave man continues thus: “Behind this walking person is a fire, and farther back still is the entrance to the cave. 

“The chained prisoners can look only forward against the wall at the end of the cave and can see neither each other nor the moving persons nor the fire behind them.”

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