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Trump Mentioned Wikileaks 160 Times In A Month, But Now Claims He Doesn’t Know Them


In the final month of the 2016 campaign, Trump mentioned Wikileaks in some way, 160 times, but after Assange’s arrest, he claims he doesn’t know them.

According to PolitiFact, Trump mentioned Wikileaks name 137-164 times in the final month of the campaign, “We found Trump said the word “WikiLeaks” about 137 times in campaign rallies, interviews, speeches, his tweets and other social media presence, and debates.

Speier’s figure of over 160 seems possible, however, because he often referenced disclosures from WikiLeaks without using the group’s name, and it’s possible there were interviews or speeches where Trump brought up WikiLeaks that our search didn’t return.”

Here is a compilation of Trump praising Wikileaks:

This fact makes Trump’s claim that he knows nothing about Wikileaks absolutely implausible.

After Assange was arrested, Trump told reporters:

“I know nothing about Wikileaks. It’s not my thing. And I know there was something having to do with Julian Assange.

“I’ve been seeing what was happening with Assange.

“That will be a determination, I would imagine, mostly by the attorney general, who is doing an excellent job.

“So he will be making a determination. I know nothing really about it – it’s not my deal in life.”


Trump doesn’t know Assange just like he didn’t know Manafort, Cohen, and Gates.

It is funny how Trump’s memory always goes blank as soon as one of his associates gets arrested.

Trump mentioned Wikileaks hundreds of times in a month, but is now playing dumb.

According to PoliticusUSA, “no matter how many loose ends that he thinks he ties up, the Russia scandal finds new ways to come back and haunt him.”

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