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Trump Vs. Africa is a Shit Hole Controversy

By Francis John

Its glaring now that world leaders have found a place to pour out their figurative expression, from Donald Trump of the United States of America https://www.cnn.com/2018/01/11/politics/immigrants-shithole-countries-trump/index.html

The US have in some ways milked the continent, by enriching their respective countries. Making their countries a safe hiding place for African leaders looted resources.

Instead of full reparation of the resources, they find pleasure in dehumanizing the entire continent instead of picking on individuals with bad records.

Notwithstanding, African leaders owe Africans unequivocal apologies and must commence fixing the shithole and cemeteries continent immediately.

With the advent of high-tech Africans and Nigerians scattered around the world, it will be tough for leadership manipulations.

To curb all these glitches, African Diaspora is working with international communities to curtail the excess of its bad leaders and looters.

Meanwhile, within and among Africans, it is witnessing:
1. Africans selling Africans in Libya,
2. Africans killing Africans in South Africa,
3. Africans are pointing fingers at Africans in the diaspora.

One thing world leaders should bear in their minds; they have milked the cows, the cows are in search of their milk, this could be associated with the colossal immigration influx to developed counties.

For the President of United State’s alterations, it’s not expected for any African nation to challenge Trump, not because of his recent proclamations but  US may manipulate the entire continents’ polls.

Guess who’s next to rain curse on Africa, and it’s coming soon.

Francis John,
TipsNews, Kansas City – TipsNews.Info

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