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Tunde Idiagbon: The leader we never had

  • 22 years after Nigeria’s most renowned no. 2 citizen! One of the best products Almighty God bestowed upon Nigeria

  • The best of the best! A honest leader! A patriot par excellence! A charismatic leader!

  • Erstwhile military governor of Borno State; one-time Nigerian Army Secretary; former Chief of Staff Supreme Headquarters of Nigeria (former Vice President of Nigeria)

Late Major General Abdulbaki Tunde Idiagbon, today marks 22 years that you breathed your last breath and bade farewell to this vanity world!

Major General Tunde Idiagbon, in all areas that you were privileged to have served, you displayed the core spirit of patriotism!

You were an incorruptible leader! While holding sway in various capacities, you did your very best to move Nigeria forward and you were trustworthy!

Today, you are no more but history is being kind with you, and will forever be kind with you!

Sunrise: 14th September, 1943

Sunset:  24th March, 1999.

Late Major General Abdulbaki Babatunde Idiagbon, I pray and supplicate that Almighty God intensify His eternal blessings upon your departed soul and admit you into Al-Jannat Firdaus! Ameen.

Fondly remembered by Jimmy Idiagbon



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