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U.S-Based Author Takes Garba Shehu To Cleaners Over Sowore/Dasuki Remarks

Says Those Who Paid Garba Shehu's School Fees Should Be Full Of Regrets

A writer, thinker, analyst, poet, Mr. Yomi Lawal, in this treatise posted on His Facebook Wall, lambasted the Senior Special Assistant on Media to President Muhammadu Buhari, Mallam Garba Shehu over his remarks on the release of Omoyele Sowore and Sambo Dasuki.

Calling him “Garba Stupid Shehu (GSS)” Mr. Lawal wrote:

I watched a video on the 25th of December 2019. It was an interview done by the compromised T.V. station, Channels. Garba was asked why Sowore and Dasuki were released and why it took that long.

Garba, in his characteristic idiotic wisdom twisted his statement so badly -for the very first time- I felt utter pity for those who deprived themselves of their valuable money to pay his school fees.

Crackling like a cheap water soaked Chinese firecracker, he croaked that they were released because [President Muhammadu] Buhari was complying with the order of the courts — he was almost making a little sense — but that the government had the right not to release them because they were national security threats.

The author, Yomi Lawal

He would later also say Sowore was not arrested because he is a journalist but because he is a former presidential aspirant who took to the streets to demand change of government rather going to the election tribunal like other candidates.

When pressed further, GSS said Buhari can jail anybody because the human rights of any Nigerian can be violated once it clashes with the safety of many other Nigerians. That you have no rights once a group of people decide you are a threat to them.

Hi Mr Garba Stupid Shehu, firstly, my rights to freedom cannot be suspended by fiat because you and some idiots decide in a meeting of mentally ill people that I am a threat to you.

Secondly, Sowore’s status has nothing to do with his rights. Aside the initial illegal arrest, the court granted him bail after looking at the stupid case you presented.

Since you and Buhari are not above the courts (you are not courts nor have absolute powers) you have no rights in heaven or earth to hold him captive you idiot. Your lawlessness is not law, it is a crime called kidnapping you illiterate.

Thirdly, next time you copy answers like you did other people’s test papers in school, learn to match question to its answer olodo. National security does not mean you kidnap Nigerians and put them in prison, national security must be within the ambit of the rule of law!

A panel of judges must look at the case for national security. It might be a panel of consisting of Senators and Reps. It does not exist in perpetuity, it is triggered by identifiable events such as a state of war or national emergency.

National security is not a blank card for sadists like you to abduct Nigerians and clamp them in jail.

Moreso, those who detain people using National security as excuse are usually tyrants like Buhari, usually supported by idiots like you.

Why wasn’t Buhari detained based on national security in 2011 after inciting his murderous followers to kill hundreds after he lost the election? Was he not a candidate like Sowore then?

Didn’t Buhari threaten to bath the nation in blood in 2015 if he lost the election? His words “the dogs and baboons will be soaked in blood”.

Should we have requested his detention till he died in custody and with hindsight save the thousands in Agatu, Nembe and South East that he and his cousins eventually murdered in cold blood between 2015 and 2019?

In the interview, you were laying the groundwork for Sowore’s abduction again. You repeatedly mentioned national security and Sowore being a former candidate.

Listen GSS, we have seen your type before, don’t think you are the first fool to be a spokesman to a killer, I advise you to do your job with sense not like a Femi Iscariot.

Revolution is not a crime. You are part of a useless government and self admitting kidnappers that have abducted thousands who are hidden in dungeons.

We also get threatening calls and messages from you. If Nigerians know how many people you have stolen off the streets of Nigeria, you won’t last 2 weeks in power.

In your argument for kidnapping Nigerians based on your warped definition of national security, you said once majority feel threatened other individuals can be detained.

So you mean “majority rule” right? What do you think a revolution is if not the majority telling bandits like you that your theft, kidnappings, murder and genocide is enough?

You know how you earned the GSS acronym which I pray shall stick with you till you are disgraced out of office? I will tell you.

You stood shamelessly on TV and said Sowore should be detained despite being granted bail for shouting “revolution”. You said its to protect the majority.

It came from you on behalf of Buhari, the Buhari that has been freeing captured Boko Haram fighters, same fighters that have made millions flee their homes after killing tens of thousands. The dead include thousands of Nigeria soldiers.

Oloriburuku e did not see those mass murderers as threat to national security, you did not see killer Fulani herdsmen who have murdered tens of thousands as threat to national security. Killer Fulani herdsmen that are systematically murdering experienced farmers which will cause food scarcity.

It is those of us exposing your crime and terror sponsorship that are threats to “your” national security. Does it not mean that the “majority” you represent are not Nigerians but Islamic extremist and Fulani supremacists? Ode GSS!

Revolution is a valid means of unseating unpopular and repressive government like yours. It is the people telling you to leave.

A sensible NASS would have sent you packing based on such demands by the people via your several violations of the constitution but we have a rubber stamp one.

Revolution is constitutional, It is a very good way of forcing your resignation. Resignation is a lawful means of changing the government.

The appropriate response from a legitimate government to citizens complaint is compliance not repression. That you think you have powers to disobey court orders is why you are unfit for governance over sane people.

The threat to national security is Buhari, lock the idiot up and save 175 million people. The 15 million idiots are in the minority.


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