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U.S presidential election: Joe Biden and Trump, in a tight race


As results are trickling in from different states, it appears that Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential hopeful is in a very tight race with his Republican opponent, Donald Trump.


When they count mail -in ballots: Officials have said it could take days for full results, including counting mail-in ballots

Latest polling average: Joe Biden ahead by 1.2 points according to tracking from FiveThirtyEight on Tuesday morning

Electoral college votes: 16

Results are being counted in Georgia, a key state that Trump likely can’t afford to lose. More than 93 per cent of the expected vote is in, and Trump leads by three points.

Georgia is closely linked to Florida, both geographically and politically. If Georgia votes for Biden, it’s almost certain that Florida will have flipped for the Democrat as well.

Georgia has voted Republican in every election dating back to 1992, when the state supported Bill Clinton. The state also represented one of Trump’s more comfortable leads in the South in 2016.

Voters in Georgia are poised to break 2016 records this year, with the vote as of 3 p.m. Tuesday accounting for 93 per cent of total turnout four years ago.

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