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Uganda: Group threatens to drill pepper into Museveni’s anus as ICC acknowledges its reports

By Kalu Nwokoro Idika


A group of computer gurus operating under the umbrella of ‘anonymous’ has threatened to drill pepper into the anus of Ugandan president, Kaguta Museveni after it said the International Criminal Court has acknowledged the reports it submitted concerning the unprecedented human rights abuses that greeted the last infamous presidential election in the country.

President Museveni

Anonymous group which also threatened the Nigerian government during the #Endsars protest said no stone will be left unturned until Museveni faces the consequences of his actions.

In a statement made through their verified Facebook page, the group said International Criminal Court has acknowledged their reports and have also promised to look into it in their next seating.

It said, “Hello Uganda

“ICC now has acknowledged our reports and have promised to look into the files in there next seating. I would be waiting to get the date of there next seating.

“We told the Ugandans to be patient, Anonymous never fails, Museveni would face the full consequences of his actions in no time.

“The many killed people would be granted there justice. We warned Museveni on countless occasions and he ignored! We shall drill in pepper into his dirty Anus I assure you. And you must remember,

“We are Anonymous

“We are Legion

“We do not Forgive

“We do not Forget

“Expect Us”

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