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Ugandan police goes berserk, attacks and arrest peaceful protesters

By Kalu Nwokoro Idika


The Ugandan police under the command of dictator-president Museveni has gone berserk, attacking and arresting innocent civilians who staged a peaceful protests across the country demanding for the release of their fellow countrymen who were adopted by the security forces.

Ugandan police brutalizing peaceful protesters

Recall that Elombahnews had earlier reported about the unfortunate arrest of Bobi Wine who with other fellow leaders participated in a peaceful protest against the abduction, torture and murder of his supporters by Museveni’s regime during the last infamous presidential poll

Although, reports has it that Bobi Wine was arrested and driven in a police truck to his residential home. The police and army were ordered to lay siege around his compound.

Wine, a human right activist, musician and member of the Ugandan Parliament was among the political contenders who slugged it out on January 14th 2021 presidential election in the country.

The die hard Ugandan politician vowed not to accept the results of the last controversial presidential election which saw Museveni winning another five years term after being in power for over 35 years.

However, Wine whose home is under siege reacted to the highhandedness of the police by saying, “I repeat- protesting peacefully is not a crime!

“Today, there is this group of young Ugandans who protested in Nsambya, near the American Embassy.

“Even if the police brutally arrested them, we are sure that ultimately they will be free because they broke no law and therefore committed no crime.

“Dictators like Museveni will only respect the law if they are put under pressure. I therefore encourage all of you fellow Ugandans to continue protesting peacefully against all the injustice but most importantly to demand of the regime to #BringBackOurPeople who are continuously abducted and tortured or even murdered in detention.”

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