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Ugwuonye: DPA releases evidences showing police knew he’s innocent yet set him up


The Due Process Advocates has released series of documented evidences exclusive to ElombahNews claiming that operatives of the Nigerian Police knew that it’s founder, Barrister Emeka Ugwuonye was innocent yet set him up for murder and had him incarcerated since 2018.

The evidences include documents, audio and video.

The evidences seem to indicate that the police knew that he had nothing to do with the crimes for which they charged him.

“They took such an extreme measure just to silence me. And the judge is playing along by remanding me in prison,” Ugwuonye had told ElombahNews.

The audio recording below is a phone conversation I had with Officer Yemi, the original IPO in the case. Please carefully listen to the conversation. You will notice 4 things – 1) he said that my postings were off the point and was not what happened. You will remember they claimed I gave an eye witness account and that was how the believed I knew what happened. 2) he admitted that Paul and Emma informed them they did not know me and that I did not know the Aiyedegbons. 3) He asked that I should make posts to help them get promotion, etc.:

Listen on SoundCloud: Evidence Police set up Emeka Ugwuonye

Transcribed telephone conversation between Emeka Ugwuonye ( herein Emeka) and Supol Yemi ( herein Officer) on June 21, 2018

EMEKA: Hello, hello

OFFICER: Muffled sound

EMEKA: Hello

OFFICER: Hello Barrister

EMEKA: Officer, How are you?

OFFICER: I’m fine, good evening! How today?

EMEKA: Good Evening to you!

OFFICER: Eeehen, you know, at least you can remember when last I called you.


OFFICER: It has been sooo long that I called you, I decided not to call you because you disappointed me, you disappointed me a lot.




OFFICER: Because even when I was even investigating this case you didn’t even call me or to even tell me say “Oh Yemi, congratulations”.

EMEKA: I am …

OFFICER: You did not even tell me say okay, “Yemi this issue one eeemm …”

EMEKA interrupts: I apologise.

OFFICER: Eeeeem, this is what em..eemm.., this where you should go, you did not even say that this is where you should go, this is where you should go. You know ba! Let me tell you, the day I recovered, we recovered that car from Enugu, I saw your post, you said that car is not ehh…, is not  somebody that see it, that it has a tracker, the tracker has been… they have removed that tracker for long otherwise we will not even be looking for this vehicle, that was your statement. Instead of you to say “Oh Yemi! I heard your hard work, you did not do so…..

EMEKA interrupts: Let me explain…

OFFICER: Even when we arrested this person, instead of you to even say “Ah! your team has done well”, you were just talking and talking and let me tell you everything you were talking, you were just talking out of point, everything you were posting, you were posting out of point, people were here just laughing at you because of what you were posting, they were not real, they are not real. Instead of you to liaise with the IPOs at least when you need information they will give you, No! you will be talking everything, It is not done. It is not done. The only…..

EMEKA interrupts: You know what…, let me explain….

OFFICR: No! I called you, I called you because I have been hearing of your posts o, did I reply you? Did I call you? Throughout then I have not called you. You never even ask how e happened. You did not even say okay” how is it, how e happened?”. You cannot even call IPO who is investigating. You cannot even ask me. You know my team na, you know all of us na!…….

EMEKA interrupts: Yes that’s true, I know you

OFFICER: …but you never one day call me, not that you didnt have my number.

EMEKA: No,no, but I will explain, there is something you are missing Yemi, Listen to me, if you ask others you will understand, I am a very sensitive person, you know the last thing I wanted to do, Yemi, I didn’t want any appearance that I was influencing you. It was… I am a very friendly person oo. I have called even others in this thing, but I did not.. you don’t know the kind of enemies I have. What I didn’t want is creating evidence of communication with you. I can tell you, it will hurt me, it will hurt you. Trust me, I know what I had in mind.

OFFICER: Nooo, it’s not matter of … hold on Sir, at least, you will even say Oh Yemi! una don try.

EMEKA: Listen, you are very right.

OFFICER: You never even say this one I was expecting you, I was expecting you to even to say, Ah! What has been done to this policemen that did this thing, you were even talking another issue, (EMEKA interrupts: we are coming there), Officer continues… this matter is not where you were looking at…. (EMEKA: I see), Officer continues … this matter is not where you were looking at, because we are trying to build a relationship; what is the relationship between you and this woman and did you know the husband, he said No. Okay, we were even asking what is the relationship between you and Barrister Emeka, he said he did not have it, it’s only one time that he called you. We have all these things. It’s only one time he called you when he has going out of the country. True,  but you were supposed to call me and I expected you now to be promoting this people that did this work. (EMEKA interrupts: I will do so… no, no no ,listen). Officer continues, you will do so when… No, no, no I didn’t expect this from you, I know you have DPA, Barrister, remember that I took you to Bwari, when I took you to Bwari, even when I was there, your people were calling me and some of them were insulting me. When we were coming back,when we were coming back, I now told you and said what have I done wrong that all your people are insulting me, you spoke to them that they should not do it again, because this person is not so and so so so and since that time, they did not do so again. So in the same way, you yourself as you are there now, as you are there, where you are you should even start posting and say this men, they deserve this, they deserve promotion at least the authority will hear you. You didn’t do that one, you didn’t even tell me say Oh! Congrats, you just kept mute, you just kept mute. Haba! Barrister!

EMEKA :No, no, no, hold on Yemi, let me tell you something, you see, the thing is this, you don’t see all that I write, what happens is when somebody doesn’t like something that I write, they will draw your attention to that particular one, because if you have seen all that I wrote, I specifically said in one paragraph, I said I must say something nice about the police unit that investigated this, that they were underequipped, under resourced and yet they went this far, by the way…(OFFICER interrupts: Barrister, now it’s just too late as I have said it that, if you should something, if you should post something concerning the people who have done this thing, at least eeeeee it will make people to even recognize what we have done na.

EMEKA: I will, I will  

OFFICER: You are supposed to be one of them, ah! then you are talking, doing all these….   people are just even are not getting the details, this is the detail we will tell you, I am the IPO, at least, you even call me and I will tell you,okay, this is what I have done, this is what I have done.

EMEKA: I will. No, no, no, … (OFFICER interrupts: You better do something oo). Emeka continues, Yemi, hold one let me tell you something else, I want to before I forget. Did you know that David and Obiora have been attacking me sooo badly, they even wrote that the car was recovered in my compound, they even wrote that I was hiding Chacha. Do you know that some people are saying I killed Chacha? Do you know how bad it is? And these are people ..This is actually what causes me to write, I write to report what I….

OFFICER: I know. Listen barrister. I know all this ones, but I am the IPO, I told them that in fact this case has been investigated with all the evidence I have gathered, all the witnesses I have gathered, from suspects, from witnesses even from barrister, I know that, that dead body in Bwari is for Chacha, nobody believed me, it’s today now, everybody believe me. Next thing now, it’s the person that threw the person there. Now that you have even heard of this one, you yourself you were supposed to withdraw from Aiyedogbon, you were still attacking. Because, there was a post you post, you said instead of Aiyedogbon to be mourning his wife, he is rejoicing that he has been exonorated.

EMEKA: You know what ..Yemi, Yemi, hold on, you don’t see what these people are writing against me, you don’t see, okay do you know that for a whole year, I did not post anything on Chacha, for a whole year, I did not post anything on Chacha. Do you know that when I was arraigned in court recently, do you know that em, em, Yemi, I mean Aiyedegbon hired  Saharareporters to report that I was charged for Chacha missing. People now began to think I was charged with murder. Do you understand how mean and nasty this people are?

The letter below by Barrister Emeka Ugwuonye dated October 29, 2019, indicates why DCP Jomoh Moshood, the Force PRO, wanted to tie him down with a murder and armed robbery charge.

“You can see that the police knew that I did not know the victims or the suspects.

“They did not believe that I gave an accurate account of what happened as for that to be a basis for them to assume I could be involved,” he had told ElombahNews.


Reacting to the allegation levied against Emeka Ugwuonye, an investigative analyst with ElombahNews, Dr. J. Greg. said the Case of the police against Emeka Ugwuonye is purely a wicked attempt to silence a voice that threatens police atrocity.

“If the police made this statement (as in the video) publicly and the killers also confessed publicly, why are you still being accused for her murder?” he asked.

Below is a press statement made by the police commissioner of Abuja parading their suspects in the case.

Watch video below:

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