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Ugwuonye vs Onochie: 2 Celebs Fight Dirty on Facebook


Read Ms Lauretta Onochie’s and Barrister Emeka Ugwuonye’s dirty war of words on Facebook

Lauretta Onochie: Emeka Ugwuonye and His Wild Goose Chase

It has been brought to my attention that the childish Emeka Ugwuonye, whom I am suing for defamation of my esteemed character, is now in the process of seeking public information to substantiate his unfounded allegations against me.

In his initial post, he was certain of the libellous lies he disseminated against me but now he has written that he is no longer sure I am the said trafficker. Consequently, he is also asking Nigerians who live in the UAE to help him identify me.

Much as I understand the frustration now confronting him because of my seeking redress in our court of law, I very much hope he succeeds in these his recent wild goose chase.

Lauretta Onochie

On my part, I intend to pursue this matter, legally, to its full conclusion. Not because I need any amount to be awarded to me, but because it is high time some persons were shown that you do not go to public fora and speak with no substantiating evidence, order than to damage another’s integrity.

The fact that he is now taking on another woman, Mrs Rose P. Graham and has not accused her of trafficking girls, as his custom was, is an indication that he is learning and a huge victory, not just for me but for all, including the other four women who disagreed with him on Facebook and he falsely accused them of human trafficking.

As a lawyer, this young man, should have known the consequences of such malicious and irresponsible actions. This is not the change which we all clamoured for.

I look forward to meeting him in court. 

Lauretta Onochie, @Lauretta

Emeka Ugwuonye: My fellow Nigerians and people of the world, please help me beg Lauretta Onochie

Help me beg her. Let her have mercy on me! Let her show mercy and serve on me the one billion naira lawsuit she said she filed against me.

Why are they punishing me like this by not allowing me to receive the documents for the lawsuit they filed against me? Since last week, when they informed the world social media that they had sued me for one billion naira, I have been begging them to give me a copy of what they filed against me. But they have refused to show mercy. I am here in Nigeria. They could not serve me the papers, but they sent it to Sahara Reporters in the US and they sent another one to Rose P. Graham in London. They couldn’t give me a copy in Nigeria, but they are sending it around the world to people to gossip about. That is not fair.

I had planned to leave Nigeria on Monday of this week. The only reason I postponed my trip was because I wanted to receive a copy of the lawsuit. When they disappointed me Friday by not serving me a copy then, I prayed they would serve me on Monday. That was why I announced publicly where I was on Monday, so they would come there to serve me. But again, they disappointed me on Monday. I then prayed that they would serve me on Tuesday. But lo and behold, they failed to serve me on Tuesday. What kind of 419 lawsuit is this?

Please, I need all your help. Help me beg Lauretta to serve me the lawsuit. I don’t want to travel without it. And I really have to travel to the US very soon. I am going to represent a client in the same Maryland where they told you I was disbarred.

I will be really quite upset if I travel back to the US without them serving me this lawsuit. So, my people help me beg Lauretta to come to serve me. I am even ready to go to pick it up if they could tell where that could happen.

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