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Ukwulu Monarch Sack by Obiano without cause is despotism – Anambra APC

Our great party in Anambra State is shocked to the marrow that Ananbra State Government, under the leadership of Gov. Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano, has not repented from playing the despot, in handling the affairs of the state.

Mmadu abu Chukwu?

One would have thought that after the needless, unproductive and trouble-generating interventions in the kingship system of such noble towns as Oraukwu, Alor, Amanuke, Awka and- wait for it- Aguleri, this rudderless state government would have known better than to wake up one day and pretend to have suspended the traditional ruler of Ukwulu.

To worsen matters, the three-paragraph official statement put out my the state government as endorsed by the Commisioner for Information, Mr C-Don Adinuba announced the suspension ‘ the traditional ruler of Ukwulu in Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra State’

Ebee ooooooooo.

The ordinary meaning is that the Committee of Nataad (Diaspora) Men, that make up the nucleus of Anambra State Government, do not even understand the geopolitical make-up of the state and certainly had no reference to make, or petition to refer to.

The essence of having a governor is not State has not subscribed to to kill the kingship system of distinct towns, each with its culture and tradition.

Therefore the vainglorious interventions with the affairs of towns, in order to enforce loyalty to a rudderless political persuasion, while killing free speech is misguided and ought to be condemned in naked terms.

Governor Obiano has elevated this misnomer to a high art and ought to be stopped for posterity.

The grounds put out for trying to subject the tradionsl ruler of Ukwulu to a civil servants treatment bellies a major misconception introduced by APGA under the governorship of Peter Obi and sustained by the outgoing government that traditional rulers and Presidents General of town associations form part of Anambra State Government structure.

It is wrong and should be righted now.

What continues to accebtuate it is the fact that Local Government Elections have failed to be conducted and their functions continue to be shared amongst state government, town unions, faceless munions, girlfriends and even some traditional rulers who should have known better.

Hosting a meeting to wake Anambra State to the consciousness that Obiano Administration is embezzling the funds of local governments and and as a result stalling LG elections should not be enough to sack any traditional ruler under any disguise.

We urge Governor Obiano and his Government to back off this misadventure, as the ignoble steps are all too familiar. We reiterate our support for anything or anybody who insists that LGs should elect their leaders in line with Section 7 of the 1999 Constitution as amended.

Consequently, we oppose all forces that sustain any alternative to elected LG officials including Gov. Obiano and the clique he is abusing in Anambra State House of Assembly, in a game that is very close to expiry date.

We assure Anambra State that APC, as the only real opposition party in Anambra State will continue to advocate for the common good for the greater majority in the state, even as we call on the Federal Government and other peoples of Nigeria to assist Ananbra State in its difficult struggle to democratic governance.


Okelo Madukaife
State Publicity Secretary

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