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United Arab Emirates creates artificial rain to tackle hot weather

By Kalu Nwokoro Idika

The United Arab Emirates city has been undergoing a sweltering summer with temperatures regularly surpassing 50C.

In response the UAE’s National Center of Meteorology is trialing using drone technology which unleashes electrical charges into clouds, prompting them to clump together and form precipitation.

According to Metro News, the NCM has shared footage of monsoon-like showers drenching roads and sparking flashes of lightning.

The country typically sees less than 100mm of rainfall a year, compared with the UK’s average of 1300 mm.

The NCM has carried out 126 cloud seeding flights since the beginning of 2021, according to Gulf Today.

This includes 14 flights since last Tuesday, with a two to three hour flight operated in most of the country’s regions.

The organisation has partly attributed increased rain to its cloud seeding efforts.

Other techniques used to stimulate rainfall in the country involve dropping salt or other chemicals into clouds, designed to accelerate the growth of water droplets.

Professor Giles Harrison, of the University of Reading, is working on the research and said it is “intended to bring blue-sky thinking to cloud and rain”.

He said: “Our project is about changing the balance of charges on the tiniest cloud droplets, a neglected aspect of clouds which could revolutionise our ability to manipulate rainfall in areas that need it most.”

“Water scarcity is one of the biggest problems facing humanity, and climate change is providing more uncertainty around rainfall,” said Dr Keri Nicoll, another academic who conducted preliminary tests in Bath.

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