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UPDATE: Iraqi Prime Minister—Abdul Mahdi Quits


The Prime Minister of Iraq, Adel Abdul Mahdi has resigned. He resigned amidst protests in the country.

The Prime Minister resigned after days of protests that have claimed scores of lives so far.

Iraq citizens since 1 October, took to the streets of the capital Baghdad and in the south to express their anger at endemic corruption, high unemployment, dire public services and foreign interference since which they have wanted to sweep away the entire political establishment.

The protesters have blocked roads, oil facilities and ports, and clashed with security forces, who have routinely fired live ammunition in response.

However, reports on Friday revealed Iraqi Prime Minister is to submit his resignation, his office says, after more than 40 people were killed on the bloodiest day since anti-government protests began.

A statement signed by the prime minister said he would present his resignation to parliament so lawmakers could select a new government.

This came after Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, an influential man in Iran called for a new government.

“In response to this call, and in order to facilitate it as quickly as possible, I will present to parliament a demand [to accept] my resignation from the leadership of the current government,” the statement signed by Mr Abdul Mahdi said.

The statement did not say when his resignation would take place but On Sunday parliament will hold an emergency session to discuss the crisis

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