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UPDATE: Rampaging Fulani Herdsmen Kill 18 Persons In Benue



Names of eight persons out of the reported 18 killed”

  1. Mlahaga Agbel
  2. Orseel Tyokula
  3. Ashe Baka
  4. Akiiga Mvandaga
  5. Mekpe Uzel
  6. Velnube Komdum
  7. Saamoyal Mkom, and,
  8. Iferwua Agbel

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Riotous Fulani herdsmen have attacked Tombo Ward of Ayilamo Community in Logo Local Government Area in Benue State leaving a litter of dead persons strewn across the hapless community.

According to an Ayilamo indigene who spoke with ElombahNews on Sunday, Mr. Francis Akiiga, the assailants attacked mid-Saturday night and killed at least eighteen persons.

Meanwhile, nine persons are fighting for their lives in the hospital after securing heavy wounds from the guns and machetes of the attackers.

Mr. Akiiga further disclosed to this medium that the assailants killed five family members during the attack.

Akiiga, it was gathered, was a survivor in another gruesome attack in 2018 in the same area that saw 76 persons killed by the murderous herdsmen.

When asked why the attack caught the people unawares that they could not defend themselves, he explained that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government had “waded” into the crisis last year.

The government disarmed the local vigilante and brought “military security operatives” into the area to forestall further carnage.

However, he lamented that the security operatives were poorly armed and easily overpowered by the attackers.

Worse yet, the security operatives patrol and operate during the day while the murderers bid their time and attack during the night when no security personnel are on duty.

He noted that it explains why all distress calls goes unanswered while the attacks are going on no matter how long it lasts.

Akiiga added that the security operatives do not know the terrain as well as the local vigilante who know the terrain better, including the attackers’ hideouts.

He, therefore, called on the federal government to come to the aid of the defenseless citizens save them from the jaws of the murderous killers.

Currently, some residents have fled the town for fear of further attacks.

Recall that ElombahNews had published a report about a recent attack by killer or Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen in same Ayilamo Community which took place in the night of Thursday, 28th March.

According to the report, there were four victims including a woman. Their names were given as Aondo Gbagaagaver, Laaga and Wuese Wuakor and Ortyom Ingyutu.

Attached below is a short audio interchange between ElombahNews and Mr. Francis Akiiga over the latest attack.

Download and listen:

Benue Killing by Fulani Herdsmen

ElombahNews will attack the names and designations of the victims of the attack, as well as the hospitals they are receiving treatment as soon as they are available.

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