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Uproar as FG set to construct UniMaid fence at N64b

About N2 billion per kilometer

The President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government has announced its plan to construct a 27.3-kilometre perimeter fence for University of Maiduguri, Borno State.

The construction of the 27.3-kilometre perimeter fence for the University is to check the incessant attacks by Boko Haram.

The project, the Federal Government announced, will cost a whopping N64 billion which is about N2 billion per kilometer.

It is to stop the terrorists who have been penetrating parts of the institution’s campus.

Subsequent to the announcement, Nigerians have raised outcry over perceived rip-off by the government.

Below are few reactions from Nigerians:

Irebuleke @irebuleke

Fence that can’t be blown up with bomb or knocked doown with hammer.. Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing

A very Sick Cancerous Country..

Sammm @Odobo3

If I spent 64b quid on whatever km of fence, even the US, with her high altitude dive bombers and multiple reentry vehicles couldn’t impale it. Nigerians really have to start asking questions about how these unpatriotic and ineffective buffoons we call leaders govern our country.

Sammm @Odobo3

It must have bulletproof components, anti-missile defense system and a sub-water protective core that can shield the institution and its inhabitants against Biko Haram, bandits and Nigeria’s internal and external enemies. Sick nation.

Umar Sa’ad Hassan @Alaye_100

The FG has approved N64bn for the construction of a 27.3 km fence for the University of Maiduguri.N64bn is enough to fence the entire Maiduguri.

That fence can’t cost up to N1bn… N63+bn has been set aside for a few to feast on. Buhari can always sell our country in parts for loans.

I wonder what is it about fences that turns our politicians on. Akpabio collected N300M from NDDC to erect a fence & now the Minister of Education has approved N64bn for the construction of a fence at the University of Maiduguri. They should at least rate our intelligence a bit.

Justice Paul Ibe (Affidavit) @omonlakiki

Holy Moses, this N64bn University of Maiduguri fence must be made of blocks of gold! Only in @MBuhari’s @NigeriaGov will a 27.3 kilometre perimeter fence cost approximately N2.34bn per kilometre!

Kelvin Odanz @MrOdanz

The Federal government wants to build a fence around the university of Maiduguri to prevent Boko Haram terrorists from infiltrating the school.

The fence is to cost N64 BILLION. The North East has been the “richest” region in Nigeria since the beginning of the Boko Haram crisis

Comrade Deji Adeyanju @adeyanjudeji

The most corrupt Govt on earth led by the Chief Looter -Buhari says it’s constructing a 27.3-kilometre perimeter fence for University of Maiduguri at the cost of N64bn. That’s about N2bn per kilometer.

We have suffered so much. The PDP guys were not corrupt. They were saints.

Enny @enitanspecial1

They are really dealing with us big time in this country and they all seems to be unstoppable. Something must be done. This is too much Persevering face

Sunsh @Sunnyokorie9

Misplaced priority. What happened to asking Buhari to resign.

MacAnthony @cross_cross007

I appreciate the @APCNigeria led federal government of @MBuhari. Had it been that @GEJonathan didn’t do what he did, some Nigerians would have assumed Buhari was a Messiah. Thankfully, our eyes dey see as everything dey happen. I have never heard of relooting a loot until now.

Simeon Ekokobe @Gentlegiantdido

Na wa o.. can’t sombori just wake up one morning and hear something good about this country?

Maluda @maluda_m

Honourable minister, please off your mic. Honourable minister, please off your mic….

Didi @Dizbitz

If they can use Billion to do pesticides. Anything can happen.. Yeye Government

RAPtivist! @iamfictionary

We all know this but the thing is what can we do?? Our judiciary is an enabler of the organized crime.

OlanrewajuBraveH @lireimtlz

Come to think of it, they are stealing it cos they no there is no coming back

Sandy kude @Sabimamma

That money is enough to fence the whole of Maiduguri o!

Oviero orobomena @jobovierojob

All those dat sowed seed into the life of APC are reaping the fruit now. So enjoy the merriment.

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