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US-Based Firm Pledges To Provide NASS Satellite Security

A security based in the United States, the Diplomatic Security Services (DSS) has pledged to provide the National Assembly with a state-of-the-earth satellite security system.

DSS was shocked with the recent incidence where the mace was carted away from the National Assembly.

It was also happy that the situation was brought under control but not a good image for the giant of Africa and believes it can do more for less when the National Assembly partners with DDS.

Diplomatic Security Services (DSS) USA management has been understudying the trends of insecurity in the country, and at the verge of concluding a blueprint, Accessible Security Services for Nigeria.

In the meantime, a letter of intent has been sent to National Assembly, awaiting further action to open discussions at the earliest possible time.

The American-based company’s services include ultra-modern safe security consulting firm to the United States government, fortune 500 companies, etc.

DSS, a trusted private security organization for Embassies and Consulate, provides world-class security services.

By Francis John

Kansas City – USA

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