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US Election: Trump versus Biden in Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania

Current Electoral College seats (270 to win)

Biden: 264
Trump: 214

– Biden lead increases in Nevada to over 10,000, but with 13% of votes still to be counted.

– Trump loses ground in Pennsylvania, his lead shrinks to 2 points with 88% of the expected vote in.

– Trump says he’s filing lawsuits to attempt to halt ballot count in Nevada and Pennsylvania, and he’s demanding a recount in Wisconsin, where he’s lost by around 1%. That request would cost $3 million as the margin isn’t tight enough to require a recount

– Georgia indicates it may finish its vote count by the end of the day Thursday. Biden is closing Trump’s lead to less than 13,000. An election official in the Peach State praised and thanked poll workers today.

– States remaining to be called with Electoral votes are: Georgia (16), Nevada (6), Pennsylvania (20), North Carolina (15), Alaska (3).

– Michigan has been called by AP for Biden, bringing him to 264 electoral college votes, just six shy of the winning 270. Which is exactly what’s on offer in Nevada

– Pennsylvania expects to have most ballots counted by Friday. Trump leads by 2.6% with 89% of votes reported, but the remaining votes to be counted are expected to favour Biden

– Biden team brush off “meritless” legal attempts from Trump, adding “Joe Biden now has won more votes than any presidential candidate in history”

– Twitter warnings amass on Trump’s Wednesday tweets which falsely claim foul play: “they are finding Biden votes all over the place”, and premature victory “we hereby claim the State of Michigan”.

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