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US Presidential Debate: Trump Behaves like Buhari ~ Activist


A Nigerian human rights activist and author, Comrade Paul Ikechukwu Njoku, has said that the US President, Donald Trump, “is synonymous to the President of Nigeria”.

On the early hours of Wednesday, September 30, 2020, President Donald Trump of the Republican Party and Joe Biden of the Democrat who are the US frontline Presidential candidates for the November 3, 2020 election had their first Presidential Debate with Trump scoring 28% while Biden scored 60% according to the public poll and assessment as published by the Cable Network News, CNN.

In a statement sent to ElombahNews, Comrade Paul asked:

“Who created the monster known as Trump?”

“It wasn’t a debate but a total disgrace to the office of the President superintended by Trump.”

“Trump refused to condemn and stamp out white supremacy who are currently rejoicing in the social media having been supported by him in the debate.”

“Black lives matter is not in the lexicon of Trump. He is a proud racist who delights in the spirit of hypocrisy and apostasy.”

“The presidential Debate was full of frequent interruption, bullies and insults by a supposed Republican. The debate was not only childish but exhaustive.”

“Trump is synonymous to Buhari. There is no difference between President Muhammadu Buhari and President Donald Trump. Trump obviously promotes conflict and represents anarchy.”

The activist also added:

“He is not ready to conceive defeat if eventually he suffers defeat.”

“The moderator was unfair by allowing Trump to dominate and break his own rules.

“Trump and Biden views over the Coronavirus pandemic and their responses showed that Trump doesn’t believe in Covid-19 pandemic and its curative sciences.

“Battling repeatedly with the moderator has exposed Trump to emptiness.

“Everything he said about selling ballot and his taxes were lies.”

“There was no significant evidence provided by Trump via what he called ‘fraudulent and unsoliciting voting’ to convince Americans that a process to strengthen mail voting is fraudulent.”

The activist also asked:

What’s wrong with mail voting?

“Should Biden participate in the second debate with Trump?

“Biden turned to the camera and often spoke heart-to-heart to the American people whilst Trump bullied and lied against Biden, American people and the moderator.

“The white supremacy are very happy now!”, Njoku, wrote.

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