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Us Presidential Election 2016: Advantage Donald Trump


In the following weeks, you are going to see a different, more polished Donald Trump –now that he has just about outflanked all the establishment candidates to gain inside track to the GOP nomination. That new image will water down most of his vulnerabilities, which came as a result of the radical comments he made till this point in the primaries.

Those radical comments were like a 2-edged sword; which boosted his campaign with conservatives inside the GOP and a lot of voters angry at Washington for a raft of reasons, but also annoyed Moderates whose votes he will need to win in November.

Contrary to what pundits are saying and analyzing about Trump, I think he is running an unconventional and well-timed campaign. Primarily, the kind of “outrageous” comments he is making now and still keeps winning, are the kind of comments that would have given a politician political obituary 10 years ago, or even 4 years ago. 

Essentially, he knew exactly the sentiments of a lot of Americans and Europeans about global events, and he pounced at the right time. Only a smart politician can do that.

On the other hand, both Hillary and Bernie have the encumbrance of not saying what Trump is saying and still hope to get the support of their supporters who appear rigidly bent on political correctness. Worse for Democrats, this is an election in which voters may care more about the kind of National Security matters Trump talks about, than bread and butter issues. 

Better yet for Trump, he has been making progress in linking bread and butter issues to National Security. Therefore, a slightly above average performance in debates with Hillary and/or Bernie on economic matters may carry him through to victory –so long as he doesn’t blunt his vowed commitment to deal with global Islamic zealotry and Mexican flagrant pouring through the Rio Grande.

Donald Trump is a Moderate, contrary to his Pit-bull image, and he will likely pull off an upset victory in November, mimicking being a conservative that he is not. At worst, he is only a fiscal conservative. However, his victory will revolve on winning Florida, New York, Virginia, and Texas. 

If he wins those 4 states and does very well in the South, which is likely, he will be the next president. He will carry New York, baring a strange turn of events, because New Yorkers will view him more as a native New Yorker than Hillary. That assessment will be more pronounced in Upstate New York.

Collins Ezebuihe, collyezebuihe@hotmail.com

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