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USA/RUSSIA: Rivalry That Never Stopped


When the US military first tested the GBU-43/B MOAB in 2003, the Cold War era was long gone but the rivalry between the world’s two superpowers never really ended.

Why the ‘mother of all bombs’ and why now?

After MOAB was introduced, Russian developers built their own bomb and by analogy nicknamed it the “father of all bombs,” according to the Channel 1 report.

While the nickname has become widely popular today, it was originally created as a secret code name for the weapon, according to Channel 1.

Since then, not much additional information about the bomb has become available. “We’ve only seen what the Russians have told us,” Francona said.

“Russia has not exported this weapon to any other nation as far as we know and it is unlikely that they will export it in the future,” said Leighton. “At the moment, the FOAB’s technology would be deemed to be too sensitive to export,” he added.

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