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Use African Traditional Oaths To Check Corruption, Ohanaeze Scribe Urges Courts

Insist on 2023 Nigeria presidency of Igbo extraction


The spokesman of Ohanaeze Ndigbo worldwide, Mr. Chuks Ibegbu has asked Nigeria courts to begin to use traditional African oaths to administer justice in Nigeria as a means of curbing corruption in the country.

African gods are feared and respected by Africans but they hardly fear or respect western or Arabic gods nor God Almighty .

“If oaths are administered with African gods, nobody will steal public funds again or lie on oath,” Ibegbu noted.

“African gods will strike corrupt people immediately.Ogun, Amadioha, Alaogbaga  and others react immediately so nobody will like to offend them.

“It may sound odd but did we not fight apartheid in South Africa with Obasanjo’s Juju,” Ibegbu said.

“Buhari should fight corruption with African oaths. Let Ganduje swear by African and Kano gods that he did not take bribe from contractors.

“Let all the politicians EFCC have put under trial be administered traditional oath and you will see corruption disappear.

“We must find Nigeria and African solution to Nigeria  and African problems no matter how queer it appears else corruption in high and low places will continue,” he noted.

In another development Ibegbu has insisted that its Igbo turn to produce Nigeria President after the North noting that it will be the height of man’s inhumanity to man for anybody to think or act other wise when the time comes.

Ibegbu advised anybody from any other zone aspiring to contest the 2023 Presidency to think twice in the interest of the nation.

He also asked Ndigbo to start building bridges now and possible aspirants to also start networking and linkages now.

Ibegbu advised the 9th NASS to serve the people and not their pockets as in the past. He noted that the cost of maintaining our NASS is outrageous and the highest in the world.

He also suggested part time legislature for Nigeria noting that we cannot be Headquarters of poverty in the world and maintain such expensive Legislature.

Ibegbu asked Igbos to participate fully in the oncoming World Igbo Security and Peace Summit to address insecurity challenges in Nigeria and Igbo land.

He also want other zones to organise such summits.

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