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Usifo Ataga’s murder by Chidimma looks highly premeditated ~ by Charles Ogbu


But why would anyone believe a 21 year old girl, who smoked, drank and took the same hard drug with her 50 year old sex partner, could repeatedly stab the same lover to death without sustaining any serious injury herself especially when her victim was a well built, athletic-looking amateur boxer?

Even Adanne, my two month old daughter knows the girl couldn’t have worked alone.

She claimed she acted in self defense, yet, immediately after the murder, the same self defender of the universe had the calmness of mind to change her clothe, take her bath and put on something different with nice make-up before proceeding to the bank to steal the money of the man she just murdered.

And she also stole the man’s iPhone. The theft also followed the self-defense?

Plus, she it was, who paid for the apartment where this man was killed. And she filled the form with an international number which means you can’t trace her with the number.

Then the police found a driver’s license bearing her picture but with another name, Mary Johnson.

Ezigbote onye high way!

All these claims of being attacked first is nonsense. I remember that other murderer who took the life of Umorem claimed she attacked him first.

I don’t even believe the man willingly gave her his ATM and pin. A billionaire [Michael Usifo Ataga] giving you his ATM card and pin instead of simply wiring millions into your account? The same billionaire you claimed hasn’t been taking care of you?

The same billionaire you refused to willingly sleep with wey we for fit say maybe na cloud 190 wey your sex drive am reach naim affect im thinking faculty wey make am mumu come give you im ATM and pin?

And then, even after giving you such a one big mighty blank cheque, you still refused to have sex with him, forcing him to force himself on you, that’s according to your story?

The same man you who booked the apartment, came, drank, smoked and did drugs with him?

Na sex come hard you even after the man don give you ATM card with pin? A billionaire whom you’ve been running things with for months?

A na akoro Biati!

Even the legendary story teller, gentleman Mike Ejeagha can’t tell me this!

This whole thing looks so premeditated.

And this highway babe called Chidimma Adaora Ojukwu didn’t work alone!

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