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Uwajumogu’s Giant Strides at Imo House of Assembly 


Hon Uwajumogu

Whatever anyone says or thinks of him, one fact remains undeniable about Rt. Hon Benjamin Chukwuemeka Uwajumogu former Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly: 

He evidently attracted the first high institution in Okigwe zone.

Also midwifed the passage of the legendary Free and Compulsory Education law that facilitated the re-enrollment of out-of-school children of the poor.

The law made it possible for every Imo child of school age to be in school.

 His systematic and detailed approach to legislative leadership brought about equal sharing and citing of developmental projects in the state. 

For four years, he was the workaholic Speaker, who sought to bring development to his people of Imo state and Okigwe zone. 

He brought the Governor of the State to visit all the nooks and crannies of Okigwe zone for more than 52 times; 

He expedited the passage of the four years rolling plan that facilitated the construction of new primary and secondary school blocks in the area.

The ongoing construction of the College of Education Ihitte/Uboma, the Imo Polytechnic Umunakanu, Ehime Mbano and the Claritian University Onuimo; 

He attracted not one, but three higher institution of learning to the area; his led House equally provided the legal teeth needed for the procurement of school shoes, desks, uniforms, books and bags for Imo school children.

His life changing laws and motions relating to the development of Okigwe zone financed, sponsored and passed.

As well as rigorous implementation and supervision of projects by uwajumogu’s led House of Assembly, Okigwe zone boomed with projects.

These achievements made nonsense of the dark ages when a tunnel-vision eater masquerading as an aspiring senator in the zone, embezzled funds provided for health care projects in the area.

Even though his adversaries and political opponents claimed that he was a ’’A rubber stamp’’ and only did the bidding or danced to the tune of the Governor of the state while in office.

But no one can deny the fact that he left his footprints in the annals of the Imo state.

And that the projects he attracted for his people’s benefit were for his own interest and that of the people of Okigwe zone.

Of truth, he was also criticized for leaving the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), for the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Till this day, he has fought hard to convince his critics that he is for the interest and welfare of his people and not party. 

He was often at pains explaining that politics is about who gets what, where, when and how.

As well as about the people’s welfare and well-being and that he was not given boxing gloves to fight the Governor for four years.

Rather, his constituents sent him on an important errand to the state House of Assembly to attract the dividends of democracy to the people, which he brought back in quantum.

 He insists that God brought him into politics and made him the state Assembly Speaker to protect the interest of Okigwe people of which members of every political party are part off. 

He says he did for PDP members, exactly what he did for APC members.

That he empowered members of the PDP who worked for him just the same way he empowered those who moved with him to APC.

As well as those of other political parties who moved with him. 

He insists that it was his consideration for the future and advancement of his people that influenced his decision to leave the PDP and work closely with the Governor to bring development to his people. 

Whether he is right or wrong in his resolve, is left for people to judge, using his accomplishments as yardsticks.

 Talking about a better future, Uwajumogu has for a long time invested in the well-being of his people. 

Way back as a private individual before his election and subsequent elevation as a Speaker, he floated a scholarship scheme that has with his foray into public service been expanded to accommodate more students. 

His scholarship scheme is at the moment tinkering with the idea of further expansion and jerking up of beneficiaries entitlements to cope with the surging demand that became obvious with the current realities.

 The fact is, during his four years tenure as the Speaker of the Imo state House of Assembly, Rt. Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu has shown that under him, Okigwe zone would not play second fiddle to any zone. 

He made tough sacrifices.

He pushed hard-hitting legislations and demonstrated a thirst for excellence never seen before.

And today, the results are trickling in.

All the six councils of the zone and sixty four (64) electoral wards of the zone have taking delivery of its brand new school buildings, school uniforms, school desks, school shoes, books and stipends to motivate children of school age to go to school.

It has also been a win-win situation in the area of scholarships as over ninety two (92) undergraduates and eighty four (84) gifted/foreign students in special schools in Nigeria and abroad has directly benefited from his scholarship scheme.  

 No doubt, Uwajumogu’s strategic approach to education in Okigwe zone has helped to cushion the burgeoning students and pupil’s population explosion in public schools. 

Findings conducted in Ihitte Uboma and Ehime Mbano alone revealed that almost all schools in the area have tripled their intake since these laudable pro-education initiatives. 

This rise of course deserves strong support through commensurate provision of classroom blocks and other facilities. 

Which has also been met by the executive.

 Uwajumogu, also took his education mantra to a new height with the foundation laying of Imo College of Education, Ihitte/Uboma. 

Again, that auspicious ceremony provided us an insight into how much Uwajumogu love and cherish education. 

To the people of OKigwe Zone and indeed all Imolites, Uwajumogu was practically committed to balancing the age long marginalization of Okigwe zonal people.

 Speaking at the foundation laying, Uwajumogu said; 

“This laying for this College of Education, the first of its kind in the state is another demonstration of not just our commitment to education but commitment to education that would add value to our youths. 

We have come to realize that College of Education, with full technical focus for skills and entrepreneurial skills has become key to technological advancement all over the world. 

And because our state is being positioned by this administration to show the way in all spheres of development in the future, it is our position that every aspect of education be accorded priority.”

Hon. Uwajumogu was even more excited and fulfilled on the occasion for the singular reason that the institution was his brainchild. 

He went down history to recall how Okigwe Zone has been at the receiving end of successive administrations education policies. 

These policies he posited were responsible for the absence of any state or Federal higher institution in the zone. 

To make matters worse, the school of Engineering which was allotted to the zone in the three campus structure of the state owned University has remained on the pipelines without any concrete action towards its full actualization. 


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