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Uzodimma’s Democracy Day Address Glorified Falsehood – Imo PDP


The Peoples Democratic Party in Imo State, having run through the 70-paragrah, rather too lengthy items of the supposed “Democracy Day Address”, delivered by Senator Hope Uzodimma of Imo State on June 12, 2020, has decided that it was nothing but another great opportunity wasted on the undue glorification of falsehood by the current regime in the State. Incidentally, that has increasingly become characteristic of the regime in its five months in office.

Take for example, the two following statements about the current regime reviving Otammiri water scheme, and meeting an Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of only N600 million when it took over power in January 2020:

1. Senator Uzodimma once again told his visibly bored audience that wore long mourning faces, the lie that he revived the Otammiri water scheme. But honest Imo people in his audience must have shuddered at the statement because they are are very much cognizant of the day and time in 2019, the RebuildImo administration of Imo PDP restored public water supply through the reactivation of the Otammiri water scheme. Our party believes that only politics and trivia must have warranted Uzodimma’s insistence that he revived the water scheme in the State. But Imo people know the truth!

2. Senator Uzodimma restated a previous falsehood on IGR as follows: “I met N600 million IGR when I assumed office as Governor. Minus 10% consultancy fees paid by former, the total was down to 300 million naira a month. I have removed consultants and employed more capable hands to manage the affairs of Imo internally generated revenue to march with FIRS standards. Our IGR will soon rise to N5 billion per month.”

This party feels that it is grossly hypocritical of Senator Uzodimma that after purportedly “removing” consultants, he went on to hire Dr. Sandra C Duru and others as consultants. The question then is: If engaging experts as consultants was a wrong policy by the his predecessor, why did he also engage the services of Dr. Sandra C Duru and others as his consultants? Moreover, we confirmed that when he minused 10% from N600 million, the balance will be N540 million and not N300 million that he erroneously stated.

Obviously, in his false narrative on IGR, Senator Uzodimma must have forgotten that there are records of every revenue generated by the Imo State Bureau for Internal Revenue Services (BIRS) during the seven months that Imo PDP’s RebuildImo administration was in office, which can be looked at and forensically verified by sincere auditors at any time.

This party finds it pertinent to reiterate the whole truth that on assumption of office on May 29, 2019, Imo PDP’s RebuildImo administration met an IGR portfolio of about N250 million. By the time, our administration stepped aside in January 2020, the IGR had been grown to N1.18 billion. That truth is verifiable. It is with pride that we recall that it was the same RebuildImo administration that instituted and enforced the Treasury Single Account (TSA), through which all IGR in the State were successfully tracked, with transparency and accountability.

Therefore, our party has concluded that it was most unfortunate for Senator Uzodimma to publicly misrepresent those facts and figures with falsehood, propaganda and blackmail against the RebuildImo administration for a token of undeserved applause. We would have thought that by now in his fifth month in office, he would have been in the position to be discerning enough to sieve truth from falsehood, propaganda and blackmail, instead of uttering falsehoods that his impressionistic aides and agents always put into his mouth for him to express in his speeches and addresses.

While having nothing personal against the regime of Senator Uzodimma per se, this party had expected him to have braced up and face the provision of good governance, restore confidence in government, pay salaries and pensions, pay contractors, fix Imo roads in urban and rural areas, reticulate the already restored water supply, ensure rural electrification and indeed commence the visible reconstruction, rehabilitation, and recovery of Imo State, with industrialization and general development, and actually continue from where his predecessor stopped.

However, our party has under the circumstance decided to continue urging Imo people, together with the teeming leaders, members and supporters of Imo PDP to remain calm, and continue disregarding all the provocative falsehood by this regime against Imo PDP. We should believe now more than ever before that the end justifies the means. Thus far, the regime has expectedly failed itself, Imo people and Imo State. However, let our people patiently and prayerfully await what the future holds in stock for Ndimo. God save Imo State! Power to the People!!!


Ogubundu Nwadike,
Ag. State Publicity Secretary,
Imo PDP.

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