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Veritable testimonial of Asuku, Chief of Staff to Kogi Governor

By Odaudu Joel Minister


It’s been a long while I talked politics. I’ve not discussed politics especially that of Kogi State on my timeline for quite a long time now.

I’m just being careful not to indulge in anything that would affect my current job negatively as engaging in politics is against the ethics of my present vocation. So many things have happened. So many things are still happening. I will talk about them as time goes on.

Hon. Abdulkareem Asuku Jamiu is the Governor’s Chief of Staff. He is former DG Protocol. We’ve clashed and had vulgar exchanges in the past — during the 2019 general elections.

Odaudu Joel Minister
The author, Odaudu Joel Minister

It was consequent upon conflicting political interests and also a transfer of aggression on my part. By dint of the fact that he is an elder brother and my superior while I worked with the State government some years ago, I bowed and apologized.

I applauded Chief Asuku from the start as Chief of Staff to His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello as he pragmatically proved to be a fantastic networker and motivator.

He started well. He learnt on the job. Though he has his flaws, he ultimately adjusted to politics. He is far better today on the job than when he started.

He is doing well. I’ve keenly watched and observed him since he assumed that office. He hasn’t disappointed. I’ve seen him retracted words, took corrections, and apologized to many. I’ve also seen him forgiven many.

He holds no grudges. He has built bridges. He has mended walls. He is touching lives. He is building futures. In his capacity as Chief of Staff, rather than be an albatross, he has been a great blessing to all and sundry.

Most fascinatingly, he has demonstrated that wealth and position never change great minds.

He has shown charismatic leadership — a charismatic leader who doesn’t only lead with humility, tact and equanimity, but establishes direction and instills loyalty in everyone working with and around him.

I am cocksure those who are in the opposition and critics of the incumbent administration will readily agree with me on the fine attributes of the CoS aforementioned.

Should he continue like this (which I’m sure he will as it is intrinsic of him), he will have my back whenever he vies for a higher political capacity.

I believe in and support any individual who is multifacetedly transformational as a leader and the CoS keeps convincing me all the time.

I have no grudges against anyone as I have moved on with my life pursuing different interests which are yielding great dividends for me at the moment.

Odaudu Joel Minister

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