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Vice president Mike Pence, a hero or backstabber?

By Kalu Nwokoro Idika, ElombahNews


Many tongues have continue to wag after the political intrigues that greeted the last presidential election in the United States of America. An election which almost brought America to her kneels. Controversial Donald Trump at the peak of the poll, raised unverified alarm over how the election was being rigged in favour of Joe Biden (Fondly called by Trump, ‘the sleeping Joe’)

Apparently, his political rhetorics were deflated when some of the US courts dismissed the lawsuits he brought forward. And coupled with the fact that his vice, Mike Pence and other strong loyalists refused to go to political Golgotha so as to upturn the victory of Joe Biden who served as a vice president under the administration of Barack Obama.

Unfortunately for Trump, the court muzzled his hope of continuing with his white supremacist government. And therefore, the only way he felt he could hold onto power was to incite his already infuriated mob supporters to invade the Capitol building and momentarily stop the certification of Biden’s victory. A political drama many social pundits categorically described as an attempted coup on the part of Trump and his bandwagons.

Mike Pence to the chagrin of everyone announced Joe Biden’s victory after facing intense pressure from both President Donald Trump and the president’s supporters to overturn the national election. Pence presided over the Senate’s certification process, eventually declaring Biden won the presidency after Congress completed counting the Electoral College votes.

Moreover, Trump during a political rally told his supporters that the vice president would come through for him and deem votes in certain states illegal, effectively overturning and discrediting the entire election’s outcome.

“I hope that Mike Pence comes through for us, I have to tell you,”. He made the bogus statement when he was addressing his supporters at a rally in Georgia.

However, Pence immediately rebuked the president and railed against the pro-Trump activists who stormed the Capitol building. “To those who wreaked havoc in our Capitol today, you did not win. Violence never wins. Freedom wins.,” Pence said on the floor of the Capitol building after security finally flushed out activists from the building. “This is still the People’s House”, Pence said.

Now, many have begin to ask, does the position of Mike Pence during the last political upheaval in the US makes him a hero or backstabber? Of course, millions of Americans today have finally come to embrace the fact that Pence is a man of honour who refused to go dirty for the sake of power. He choose not to destroy institutions which were solidly erected before he was born unlike his principal.

Pence should be seen as a political saviour of the moment and not a backstabber. Americans should be proud of Pence because he refused to cause chaos for the selfish interest of power mongers who easily belittle others because of their colour.

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