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Video, highlights, comments on Anambra Town Hall Meeting

Elombah Television welcomes you to a Zoom Interactive Town Hall Meeting.

Topic Anambra 2021 Governorship Election, Who is the People’s Preferred Candidate?

Watch Out for The Men of Timber and Calibre Aspiring to Be the Next Governor of Anambra State

Date: Saturday, 13th March 2021
Time: 6pm Nigeria / 5pm London

• Paul Ikechukwu Njoku
• Nicholas Uwerunonye

1. Emeka Okpala
2. Law Mefor
3. Sir Augustine Ike
4. Vincent Arinze

From Me to Everyone: 06:09 PM
1. Senator Ifeanyi Ubah – YPP
2. Valentine Ozigbo – PDP
3. Ben Etiaba Esq. – APC
4. Gr. Capt. Nnamdi Nnoruka – Labour Party
5. Hon Okwudili Ezenwankwo – APGA
6. Chief Nnamdi Nwawuo – PRP
7. Senator Andy Uba – APC
8. Godwin Ezeemo – PPA
9. Hon. Chris Azubogu – PDP
10. Dr. Godwin Maduka – PDP
11. Engr. JohnBosco Onunkwo – APC
12. Chief George Muoghalu – APC
13. Dr. Stanley Uzochukwu – APGA
14. Obunike Ohaegbu Esq. – PDP
15. Chukwuma Soludo – APGA
16. Dr Chidozie Wilson Nwankwo – APC
17. Obiora Okonkwo – PDP
18. Chief Osita Chidoka – PDP
19. Senator Uche Ekwunife – PDP
20. Hon. Tony Nwoye – PDP
21. Nicholas Ukachukwu – APGA
22. Nze Akachukwu Sullivan Nwankpo – APGA
23. Ambassador Ike Oligbo – PDP
24. Maxwell Okoye – APC
25. Hon. Nonso Smart Okafor – APGA
26. Oseloka Obaze – PDP
27. Zeribe Ezeanuna – PDP
From OCN Okafor to Everyone: 06:24 PM
Chidozie Nwankwo is APC
Tony Nwoye is PDP
From TECNO POVA to Everyone: 06:25 PM
I didn’t hear you mention Dr Godwin Maduka
From Me to Everyone: 06:30 PM
Dr Godwin Maduka is No. 10
From Emmanuel Nwosu to Everyone: 06:32 PM
I am here for Prof. CEE CEE Soludo. Let’s please be honest with our assessment because Anambra State belongs to our Children.
From Chidi Odinkalu to Everyone: 06:33 PM
I really expect Igbo people to do better in pronouncing Igbo names. The rest of Nigeria does a good enough job of massacring our Igbo names. We can’t be in the business of helping them in that. It’s disappointing
From Dr. Obiefuna to Everyone: 06:34 PM
In terms of?
From Obiajulu to Everyone: 06:37 PM
what made you to say that Soludo is the most qualified?
ask him what made Soludo more qualified?
From Chidi Odinkalu to Everyone: 06:37 PM
Buhari has scandalised the notion of “next level”. Soludo is not doing any “next level” biko. He will do different
From Emmanuel Nwosu to Everyone: 06:39 PM
Emeka Okpala has said it all. We can’t continue in the same mundane rhetoric of construction of roads.
We must not surrender our sovereignty to political merchants deceiving people with fake projects like funny road construction etc.
From MSG Okwunna to Everyone: 06:40 PM
Then I think Soludo should go for President instead of governor, since most of his past works is nation based
From Obiajulu to Everyone: 06:40 PM
Emeka opala, tell us in specifics what made Soludo better. not mentioning “economist”, he’s “prof”
From Emmanuel Nwosu to Everyone: 06:40 PM
We need someone who can link international economic network to transform Anambra State into a global economic hub which will immediately snowball into massive job availability for our people.
From Obiajulu to Everyone: 06:41 PM
i think Soludo and Ifeanyi Uba are in the same plane
From MSG Okwunna to Everyone: 06:42 PM
Which party did Ifeanyi Ubah dump?
People are grossly misinformed
From Me to Elombah Television: (Direct Message) 06:42 PM
Just refer to me when you want me to comment and I will quickly unmute. Its very hot here so my fan is on
From Anyaora Lucy to Everyone: 06:42 PM
Ifeanyi Ubah did not dump any party please
From Chinedu Obiefuna to Everyone: 06:44 PM
I think we should focus on the expectations instead of addressing individual capacities. We really don’t know their abilities and what they can actually do when elected
Records! Pedigree!
From Chukwujekwe Miracle to Everyone: 06:45 PM
Distinguished Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah didn’t dump any party, he’s still in YPP and 100% ready to deliver through YPP.
From Francis Okoye to Everyone: 06:46 PM
I stand for Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah As The New State Governor Of Anambra State. Ndi Anambra arise let us support an Idea bearer as the state chief Executive
From Anyaora Lucy to Everyone: 06:47 PM
Sen.Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah will do Best
From Ifeanyi Anagwu to Everyone: 06:48 PM
I suggest that anybody talking here, especially those promoting a particular aspirant, should switch on their camera; otherwise, they are not serious.
From Chukwujekwe Miracle to Everyone: 06:48 PM
Senator Ifeanyi Ubah is a well deserved Governor
From Amaka Oragui to Everyone: 06:48 PM
Senator Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah is best for this work
From Obiajulu to Everyone: 06:48 PM
Ifeanyi Uba should go and pay his creditors first.
2nd, he should go and pay his staffs. and 3rd should go to see how to revive his dying business
From Anyaora Lucy to Everyone: 06:49 PM
Hospitals in America how many in Anambra?
From Elombah Television to Everyone: 06:49 PM
live broadcast @
From Amaka Oragui to Everyone: 06:51 PM
Senator Ifeanyi Ubah is a well deserved Governor.
The only candidate who can deliver
From Chinedu Obiefuna to Everyone: 06:51 PM
Please let us stick to facts
From Obiajulu to Everyone: 06:51 PM
very correct
From Chigozie Igbo to Everyone: 06:52 PM
Sir Ikeh is making a point here
From Jideofor Okekenweje to Everyone: 06:53 PM
Good morning everyone. My name is Jideofor Okekenweje. Please is this meeting meant for Anambra state and Anambra people…

Pardon me Mr. Organizer. You are the part of the problem the igbos and Anambra people have….

You are discussing Igbo agenda and future in English.

You are not helping the situation…

I am out…
If you meant good for the igbos and Anambra state. If you want change in Anambra state. Speak the language of the people. That will make them think home.

Please if anyone cannot express his/her concern in igbo language here or in Any campaign in Anambra state. That person should not talk or contest…

Stop this conversation and let the people speak igbo language…..

I am out.
Let me know if we are ready to discuss Anambra state.

Because for now, you are shadow of our problems… You are discussing English….

Thank you..

Jideofor Okekenweje…
Anambra State Concern Citizen….
From Obiajulu to Everyone: 06:53 PM
Ike, you are more sound than Soludo
any idiot can get first class
From Chinedu Obiefuna to Everyone: 06:54 PM
For us to have meaningful discussions, all our submissions must be based on pure facts and not emotions or insinuations
From Kenechukwu to Everyone: 06:54 PM
ike is really making a good point
From Chigozie Igbo to Everyone: 06:54 PM
Governance is not about theories, but is practical experience in the field of play.
From Chidi Odinkalu to Everyone: 06:54 PM
Mr. Obiajulu, any idiot can make 1st class. What did you graduate with pls? Can we try and elevate the tone of our conversation pls?
From Chigozie Igbo to Everyone: 06:55 PM
Ikedoji e ma history.
From Obiajulu to Everyone: 06:56 PM
i got 2nd class from disadvantaged position. @chidi
From Chidi Odinkalu to Everyone: 06:56 PM
From Obiajulu to Everyone: 06:56 PM
From Francis Okoye to Everyone: 06:57 PM
Soludo is a Prof without character…Ngozi Okonjo Iweala
From Chidi Odinkalu to Everyone: 06:57 PM
1 thing we do in Nigeria is hold forth on things that we know very little of, claiming voodoo as fact.
From Chigozie Igbo to Everyone: 06:58 PM
Why does he want to mend what was not broken?
From Hon Kizito Ikenna to Everyone: 06:58 PM
Hospitals in America how many in Anambra? Yes and I so respond this: I am sure that you have not visited Umuchukwu to witness a skyscraper 17 storey building meant for Specialized Medical Care of all those ailments which takes abroad even President of this nation till today for medical tourism. And this billion dollars investment is aimed at correcting that impression and putting to an end the continued medical tourism overseas by the few privilleged few with tax payers money.
From David-Chyddy Eleke to Everyone: 06:58 PM
Hmmmm! Soludo must be very influential in this race. Attacks everywhere.
From Chigozie Igbo to Everyone: 06:59 PM
Kizto a hospital he is owing for it’s completion?
From Obiajulu to Everyone: 06:59 PM
@chidi. why come out straight instead of going round and round
From Chigozie Igbo to Everyone: 07:00 PM
@ David. Soloudo is being brought by an incumbent
From Hon Kizito Ikenna to Everyone: 07:00 PM
Chigozie Igbo , I don’t want to believe that we are here for personal attacks, except if you have a personal ill feelings against Dr Godwin Maduka
From Chijioke Ikokwu to Everyone: 07:00 PM
Please this conversation is highly commended and should be sustained
19:01:26 From David-Chyddy Eleke : @Chigozie, and who said an incumbent can’t bring in a successor?
19:02:16 From Chigozie Igbo : Please don’t talk about the Hospitals, that Ndi Anambra has not benefited from in any way.
19:02:44 From Emmanuel Nwosu : Bikonu ka anyi suba Igbo oo
19:02:54 From Hon Kizito Ikenna : Sorry gentlemen I have to take my leave for another important meeting too. I would appreciate to continue with this program the next time it’s coming up.
Hon Kizito Ikenna
God bless you
19:03:14 From Chigozie Igbo : @ David. It will be very hard for Obiano to do this. infact it’s near impossible
19:03:28 From Ngozi Okafor : Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah is the best
19:05:31 From Chigozie Igbo : why you guys giving false information about Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah
19:06:30 From Amaka Oragui : Believe it or not, Senator Ifeanyi Ubah is the only trusted candidate
19:07:10 From Arthur Chibueze : Valentine Ozigbo is the most competent. By qualifications and personal principle. His track records speaks for it’s self.
19:07:15 From Chidi Odinkalu : This conversation cld easily end up throwing up more dust than light. The Nigerian thing is to focus on personalities. That is important. But issues & institutions shd dominate in my view. What issues shd define the contest for the next Gov of Anambra. The idea that paid people here know who will be next Gov of Anambra State is nonsense:

1. The CMD of the Odumegwu Ojukwu University Teaching Hospital died earlier this week because the hospital doesn’t even have oxygen. What kind of School of Medicine is that?

2. Anambra is the only state in Nigeria with shrinking landmass, losing lots of land to erosion. How do we get that fixed?

3. Anambra is a frontier state with boundaries with Delta, Enugu, Imo, Ebonyi, Kogi & exposure to diverse forms of insecurity. How do we confront that?

4. Anambra is facing a rising infrastructure deficit. How is that going to be redressed?

5. Onitsha is a major issue in Anambra’s development. How do we do it?
19:08:54 From Chinedu Obiefuna : Who handed to him?
19:09:19 From Chidi Odinkalu : An additional issue: how do we ensure that the parties throw up credible choices not railroaded straws. And how do you ensure INEC behaves?
19:12:25 From Arthur Chibueze : This is a very robust mental exercise on Governance in Anambra State.
19:13:03 From Chidi Odinkalu : I don’t think it is right to disallow people from speaking in Igbo if they choose. We shd just not make it compulsory for everyone to speak in Igbo.
19:13:29 From Elombah Television : Igbo is an official language and so is allowed
19:14:07 From Tim Elo to Paul Njoku(Direct Message) : From Chidi Odinkalu to Everyone: 07:13 PM

I don’t think it is right to disallow people from speaking in Igbo if they choose. We shd just not make it compulsory for everyone to speak in Igbo.
19:14:19 From Chidi Odinkalu : U shd have clarified that & told the moderator he is wrong
19:14:25 From Oforbuike Tyndale Okoli-Egbo : Mr. Moderator,we need to review ban on Igbo language in our meetings. We are talking about Anambra,any non Igbo person here should be an observer and we can provide for an interpreter please
19:15:30 From Elombah Television : Please the speaking of Igbo is allowed
19:17:32 From Chuks Ogbonna Kamen : The Anambra Warriors AKA FC Ifeanyi Ubah has for the last five years been representing Anambra in the Nigeria premier league. All the other privately owned clubs including some Govt owned ones that they met has since then gone under .It is quite unfortunate to hear the last speaker claim falsely that the Senator is owing his players .
19:18:59 From Adaora Ojiakor : Kudos to Elomba TV for this wonderful initiative.
19:19:28 From Amaka Oragui : The people said, they need a governor that has something to show.
Which simply means Gosim kam fu n’anya.
Senator Ifeanyi Ubah is the Best Candidate
19:20:05 From Anyaora Lucy : Sen.Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah has all the international linkage you are talking about more than Soludo
19:20:36 From Chinedu Obiefuna : https://punchng.com/ifeanyiubah-players-lament-owed-salaries/
19:21:00 From MSG Okwunna : Sir you started well but you sound so sentimental
19:22:02 From Emmanuel Nwosu : Am only being objective. We need to create an economic hub in Anambra State. Who has the international linkages to do that?.
19:22:13 From Chinedu Obiefuna : https://www.vanguardngr.com/2018/08/starbge-as-ifeanyi-ubah-admits-indebtedness-to-players-blames-lmc/
19:22:49 From MSG Okwunna : One problem with people is hatred. If you hate someone because you can’t beat him, every lie becomes a truth.
19:23:16 From Tino Tinero : Senator Ifeanyi Ubah has got the foresights to move Anambra forward. His inputs so far in Anambra South and Anambra generally has been of positive and massive significance to the masses .
19:23:39 From Chuks Ogbonna Kamen : Anambra Warriors is taking on Hearts of PH tomorrow at the CAF certified international stadium at Nnewi Ozubulu..Pls endeavour to watch the boys display and then after conduct an interview on whether they are being owed. We practice GosimKamfunanya as opposed to the planted newspaper propaganda stories u are dropping here
19:23:50 From Nicholas : ifeanyi uba blames lmc for indebtedness to his players? whom does he blame for indebtedness to his workers in Authority newspaper?
19:24:04 From iPhone : So so sentimental and giving kudos to a bad government. You don’t need an airport to be an international hub when you have 4 airports circling the state. This mindset is why we need younger more vibrant people leading the state at this critical stage. I agree on the hub. But who else has a better chance making it happen than a man who has done so in private sector where you have not just the responsibility to plot what is to be done but to raise money to do it. I think from review it is clear that Valentine Ozigbo is the nest among the pack
19:25:06 From Chidi Odinkalu : There are no Messiahs in politics, Mr. Moderator. Pls
19:25:23 From Chuks Ogbonna Kamen : Pls tell us about the people employed by your favourites principals rather than gossiping one man and his many aku lue uno businesses.
19:25:33 From iPhone : Valentine Ozigbo has a primary duty to generate engagement for the youth.
19:26:30 From iPhone : Idleness is the greatest issue we have in anambra today. Youths selling drugs and going into different crime. A leader that rises from the ranks . First hand experience is what the state needs
19:26:36 From Chinedu Obiefuna : Chucks Ogbonna. Just wanted to make it clear that the statement I made was a fact. Players were owed. Not just once. May have been cleared
19:26:54 From MSG Okwunna : Ifeanyi Ubah has everything it takes to be the governor; an employer of Labour.

Don’t be good at pulling people down but tell us about what good the candidate you are supporting has done
19:27:21 From iPhone : There is no best candidate, but considering the current realities in Anambra, Valentine is the candidate to beat
19:27:46 From Nicholas : another exciting prospect is Osita Chidoka. I think we need to speak about him.
19:29:14 From Obiajulu : is my hand too dirty to be called?
19:29:20 From iPhone : Really🤣🤣🤣
19:29:33 From Nicholas : I like to speak about Chidoka.
19:29:43 From Chinedu Obiefuna : What is it about then?
19:30:12 From Ifeanyi Anagwu : Educational qualification of minimum Bachelor’s degree should not be left out in the qualifications of the next governor of Anambra State.
19:30:26 From Francis Okoye : Please my hand has been up here !
19:30:28 From Amaka Oragui : spoke on Thanos
19:30:54 From Amaka Oragui : Pure truth and fact
19:30:58 From Chinedu Obiefuna : We should be able to ask supporters follow up questions
19:31:07 From Anyaora lucy : @Merced Benz Chukwugozie gi Ezigbo mmadu
19:31:11 From Tino Tinero : we want gosimkamfunanya Mr Ifeanyi.
19:31:50 From Tino Tinero : Mercedes you’re speaking truth
19:32:17 From Chidi Odinkalu : Thx Guys. Will be logging off. I have enjoyed enough hyperbole to last me a long time. Ppl shd note: at this stage, there is no candidate here. Everyone is an aspirant until the parties do their filings for their flag bearers. This is not a stage to speak about who will win. It is for me the stage of who is unsuitable. There is 1 person who is unsuitable in my books: Senator Andy Uba is a rogue, a thief & a bandit. He is totally unsuitable to run for governorship of Anambra at this or any other time. That is all I wld say. Enjoy the rest of the trade in hyperbole.
19:32:25 From Chidi Odinkalu : I’ll log off shortly
19:32:58 From Princeezenwa : no too much grammar if your yet to Gosi Ndi Anambra ka fa funanya forget about dreaming of rulling anambra state .

Senator Dr Patrick ifeanyi ubah is the next governor of anambra no two ways about it
19:33:05 From Anyaora lucy : Gosimkamfunanya
Ebubechukwuzo 1
Prince of the senate

The Governor we deserve
that what anambra state need
19:33:55 From Obiajulu : please everyone from anambra is very important stakeholder
19:35:07 From Francis Okoye : My hand has been up here for long please!
19:37:01 From Chinedu Obiefuna : You haven’t told us what his pedigree is
19:37:06 From MSG Okwunna : Ngige constructed roads. Where are the roads today?
All the fake roads they are doing for us.
Please we need men of better ideas; not just doing roads
19:38:34 From iPhone : Let’s get Coscharis to hear his opinion on this please.
19:38:35 From Galaxy S10 : The Status quo has failed us. Amb. Ike Oligbo is the new face of Anambra
19:38:48 From Amaka Oragui : Being a professor doesn’t guarantee you a qualified candidate
19:39:04 From MSG Okwunna : This guy is clueless
19:39:34 From Tino Tinero : very clueless with jabberwocky
19:39:52 From Anyaora lucy : Njuko u don’t really have anything to say about Sen ifeanyi Ubah u just want to b noticed
19:40:04 From Esco Onyeka : Please let’s not the mistake of using money bags or sugar coated. tongue politicians…
Let’s consider technocrats/seasoned politicians with impeccable character that can stand by their words. Let’s look at well groomed Anambra man that understands our needs and will be able to take us to next level in making Anambra truly the LIGHT OF THE NATION. No other person can do this except Chief George Moghalu. (MD NIWA)
19:42:17 From Tino Tinero : why can’t you all sell your candidate without mentioning Senator Ifeanyi Ubah
19:42:26 From Francis Okoye : Is it only same people that are allowed to speak here?
19:42:34 From Tino Tinero : #Onye Ji Ball Ka Ana Agba Tackle
19:43:36 From iPhone : In transcorp under Val, Daley was increased over 200% in 3 years and paid consistently. Anambra entrepreneur got introduced to contacts that turned their lives around. Val Ozigbo knows what he is doing
19:44:07 From iPhone : He is the only person fit for the current challenge. All the candidates are good except for the few bad eggs well known.
19:45:00 From Ikem Igbodike : I appreciate Elombah for the efforts so far and we need to zero down on candidates who can deliver good dividends of democracy which Governance index stands for.
19:45:07 From Galaxy Note4 : Please, I need to talk
19:45:12 From Anyaora lucy : Gosimkamfunanya
Ebubechukwuzo 1
Prince of the senate

The Governor we deserve
19:45:24 From Nicholas : Good observation Mr Tim Elomba, about my take on Obiano.
19:45:56 From Elombah Television : Please log in with your full name if you want to speak

19:47:05 From PSN YPG SE Zonal coordinator . : Sen. Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi pays all his staffs as at when due
19:48:11 From Esione chidiebere : Ifeanyi ubah is the best
19:48:12 From iPhone : 👀👀👀
19:49:03 From MSG Okwunna : Oyi has said it all. Anambra needs Ifeanyi Ubah
19:49:15 From Chinedu Obiefuna : And supervise
19:49:30 From Chinedu Obiefuna : Monitor
19:49:56 From Anyaora lucy : Kudos To our able Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah
God will make a way for u
19:50:37 From Chinedu Obiefuna : Thank you moderator
19:50:46 From Emmanuel Nwosu : Building hospital or roads just to win election is the worst form of deception and we don’t need deceivers.
19:50:53 From Tim Elo to Esco Onyeka(Direct Message) : I called you to represent your principal and you backed out. Why?
19:51:18 From PSN YPG SE Zonal coordinator . : At a point where the conversation on rebuilding the South Eastern region, let’s elect Sen. Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah because as an individual has always invested in the east
19:52:02 From Tino Tinero : Emmanuel Nwosu appreciate good tidings so you can excel and be appreciated too
19:52:08 From Tino Tinero : well articulated Hon. Francis Okoye
19:53:08 From Emmanuel Nwosu : Looks like some of us are afraid of education. Ndi Anambra are not illiterates please. Let’s stop talking as if we are scared of educated people.
19:53:36 From Ifeanyi Anagwu : I have been here, not late, with my hand being raised thus far.
19:53:38 From Galaxy S10 : Ambassador Ike Oligbo has the capacity to be the Governor of Anambra State.
19:53:55 From Galaxy Note4 : Please, I want to talk
19:55:05 From Chinedu Obiefuna : We will need at some point, to invite some of the aspirants to come and tell us what their plans are. That will also afford us the opportunity to ask them questions directly
19:56:13 From Tony Abolo : As the Anambra elections comes on, Anambra has to first consider the stake of Anambra in the context of National Security. The Nnewi model of development should serve as a good example. The Chinese model is about lifting all the people so who ever wants to run or govern should have the capacity to lift every Anambrarian. Anambra should and has the capacity to be a model state in Nigeria.
19:56:23 From Aziza Uko : Valentine Ozigbo: 10 Things You Need To Know About VCO [MUST READ]
19:58:41 From Aziza Uko : Valentine Ozigbo: 10 Things You Need To Know About VCO [MUST READ]

Valentine Ozigbo, BSc, MBA, MSc, FCA, FCTI, FICA, FITP, JP, is a respected Nigerian business mogul and philanthropist who is a frontrunner in the race for governor of Anambra in the election slated for 2021. Here are 10 interesting aspects of his intimidating profile.

1. Home Boy

Valentine Ozigbo was born on July 20, 1970, in the rural village of Umuomaku, Orumba South LGA, Anambra State where his father was stationed as a school headmaster. He had his primary education in village schools and his secondary in his hometown at Christ The Redeemer College Amesi, Aguata LGA. He left Anambra only when he gained admission to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka at 19. Even with all his global fame, he has always stayed connected with his roots and Igbo culture.
19:59:21 From UserRoland : Group Captain Nnamdi Nnoruka is our man
19:59:47 From UserRoland : Labour Party
19:59:57 From Chinedu Obiefuna : It’s democracy sir
20:00:25 From Aziza Uko : 2. Excellent Achiever

Valentine Ozigbo is an award winner at every stage in his life. He graduated from secondary school with flying colours. In fact, his results were so brilliant that his principal, Late Rev Fr Elias Anyaorah, employed him to teach physics and mathematics in his secondary school while he was awaiting his admission to the university. That was his first job in life. He graduated as the best student in UNN in his faculty, winning all the awards. He won Best Staff of the Year 6 months after joining Diamond Bank in 1995. He won the prestigious Chevening Scholarships, UK government’s global scholarship programme, funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to study for a Masters in Finance at Lancaster University and graduated with Distinction. In 2018, he was honoured as a Distinguished Alumni of Lancaster University at a special convocation ceremony.
20:00:33 From Anyaora Lucy : Go and sit down if you don’t have anything to say
Which one is We should go and beg soludo to govern us
20:00:49 From Emmanuel Nwosu : Patrick you have said it all. God bless you.
20:01:19 From Aziza Uko : 3. World-Class Professional

Valentine Ozigbo is an award-winning graduate of Accounting from the University of Nigeria. He holds a Masters in Business Administration from the same university. He also holds a Masters in Finance from Lancaster University. He is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria, the Institute of Credit Administration, and the Institute of Tourism Professionals. He is also a member of the Institute of Directors (IOD) Nigeria and a member of the Board of Jesuit Memorial College, Port Harcourt. He participated in the pioneer Global CEO Programme for Africa undertaken by three Universities: Lagos Business School, SBS Business School Kenya, and IESE Business School New York, and was elected the pioneer president of the class.
20:01:25 From Emmanuel Nwosu : So sad that we don’t appreciate what we have. Soludo is the most suitable for this job.
20:01:47 From Anyaora Lucy : Ifeanyi Ubah is the best
20:02:05 From Aziza Uko : 3. World-Class Professional (contd)

Valentine Ozigbo has also participated in several prominent international conferences such as the World Economic Forum at Davos (WEF); the World Economic Forum on Africa (WEFA) in Nigeria; the African Development Bank annual meetings in China; the World Bank/ International Monetary Fund (IMF) annual meetings in Washington DC; Euromoney and Economist Conferences in London; Euromoney debates on Capital Flows to Africa in London; and SIBOS 2009.
20:02:14 From Tino Tinero : beg Soludo ? …. kindly rephrase ….
20:02:50 From Faceofagulu Anambra State : why Soludo? stop talking without thinking please,
20:02:55 From Anyaora Lucy : So u want to tell us that no Anambrian is qualified to be given a job by Soludo
20:03:33 From Aziza Uko : 4. Multi-dimensional Experience

Valentine Ozigbo is a consummate business leader and entrepreneur with over twenty-six years of experience in corporate transformation, power, hospitality, energy, and banking (commercial, retail, investment and international banking). He served as the President and Group Chief Executive of a globally celebrated business, Transnational Corporation of Nigeria Plc (Transcorp). Transcorp Plc is one of Africa’s largest conglomerates which includes Transcorp Power, one of the largest power generation companies in Nigeria with 972MW installed capacity; Transcorp Hotels, the owners of Transcorp Hilton Abuja (the leading business hotel in Africa) and Transcorp Hotels Calabar; and Transcorp OPL281, an oil and gas company.
20:03:57 From Chinedu Obiefuna : A governor that wakes up daily and makes sure that work is done and done well
20:04:18 From Aziza Uko : 4. Multi-dimensional Experience (contd)

Valentine Ozigbo stepped down as President of Transcorp Plc in March 2020 and retains a seat on the Boards of Transcorp Plc, Transcorp Hotels Plc, and Transcorp Power Limited. He has led corporate deals that run into billions of Dollars and has held top positions in banking including Head of Offshore Liason, Head of Embassies & Multilaterals, Divisional Head for International Banking, Director, Global Transaction Banking and many more.
20:04:27 From Emmanuel Ettah : Valentine Ozigbo is the answer. Anambra need a true light like him to reclaim her position. With VCO Anambra will become the business hub of Africa.
20:05:07 From Aziza Uko : 5. Award-Winning Global CEO

After 17 years in banking where he rose to the highest position of General Manager, Valentine Ozigbo was appointed the Managing Director/CEO of Transcorp Hotels Plc. Val led a $100 million project that saw Transcorp Hilton Abuja undergo a globally celebrated transformation and upgrade. He won several internationally coveted awards in the hospitality industry including the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality CEO of the Year 2016 which he received in Spain. In October 2019, this respected business leader was voted Seven Stars Hospitality Personality of the Year in Athens, Greece.
20:05:29 From PSN YPG SE Zonal coordinator . : I am proud of my Alma mater, the school of pharmacy, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Agulu campus
20:05:48 From Aziza Uko : 6. Champion of Accountability

When Valentine Ozigbo resumed at Transcorp Hilton Hotels as the Managing Director/CEO, the company had been run for more than 6 years without annual audited accounts. He realised that the lack of transparency and accountability would affect the company’s financial performance and reputation. He immediately went to work, putting in place a system for transparency, accountability, and corporate governance that ensured that Transcorp Hilton had its first-ever audited financial statement within a year. This process eventually led to a broad acceptance of the brand and the company going public in a hugely successful N8 billion IPO offer.
20:05:55 From Emmanuel Ettah : VCO’s called to serve the good people of Ndi Anambra.
20:06:17 From Anyaora Lucy : Gosimkamfunanya
Ebubechukwuzo 1
Prince of the senate

The Governor we deserve
20:06:24 From Aziza Uko : 7. Global Champion for Kaizen

Valentine Ozigbo is one of a few corporate titans in the world who are regarded as global champions of Kaizen, a Japanese philosophy for management that ensures continuous improvement. Kaizen means “deleting waste” in Japanese. It is used in international businesses to improve corporate performance which enhances profitability. “The culture of continuous improvement questions the status quo, it deletes all kind of waste, and ensures an unending quest for progress,” Ozigbo has said.
20:06:37 From Aziza Uko : 8. Heart of Gold

As the founder of one of the leading non-profits in the country, the Valentine Chineto Ozigbo (VCO) Foundation, Valentine Ozigbo is one of Nigerian’s most respected philanthropists. VCO Foundation has positively touched the lives of over 100,000 Nigerians directly through its various programmes making a difference in many youths’ lives in Anambra State through business grants, training, talent hunts, and cultural development. The foundation focuses on youth empowerment, leadership and entrepreneurial development, as well as women empowerment. VCO Foundation is driven by Mr Val Ozigbo’s vision to make life better for people.
20:06:47 From Chinedu Obiefuna : I want all of us to know that political leadership is a different ball game. It needs character, integrity, honesty, capacity, knowledge, EDUCATION
20:06:55 From Emmanuel Ettah : With him i can see endless Possibilities in Anambra. #VCO
20:06:59 From Aziza Uko : 9. International Sports Developer

CNN International recently featured Valentine Ozigbo in recognition of his status as an international sports developer. He is the Chairman of Feet ‘N’ Tricks International, the biggest freestyle football promoter in Africa. He founded the company with football legend Kanu Nwankwo, broadcasting legend, Olisa Adibua, and several others in 2017. The company hosts the annual Nigerian Freestyle Football Championship, since 2017, and the African Freestyle Football Championship, since 2018. Feet ‘N’ Tricks is committed to discovering and nurturing sports talents in Nigeria and Africa is provide a means of livelihood for the youth. Because of Ozigbo’s work, freestyle football is now the fastest-growing type of football in Africa.
20:07:04 From Tino Tinero : Senator Ifeanyi Ubah is a Leader. During the endsars miasma, all i could ponder then was why he was the only politician that came out to the streets to ease the tension and also address the youths to embrace calm. that’s street credibility, that’s an accessible leader , that’s a youth friendly leader . Senator Ifeanyi Ubah remains the Governor Anambra deaerves. his contributions to the Anambra health sector, sports sector etc have been highly significant to ndi Anambra
20:07:08 From Esco Onyeka : Transparency is good but Efficiency is better, We need an efficient leader. Chief Dr George Moghalu is an efficient leader.
20:07:13 From Aziza Uko : 10. Devout Christian and Family Man

Valentine Ozigbo is a lifelong member of the Roman Catholic Church. His father, Chief Andrew Ozigbo, a retired school headmaster, was a Catechist who, together with his mother, Ezinne Christiana Ozigbo, a trader and farmer, raised Val with a strict Christian upbringing. He is a man who lives by the principles of Jesus Christ, which is to love your neighbour as yourself and be at peace with all. He chaired Unusual Praise 2018, the largest Catholic gospel concert in Africa. He currently chairs Unusual Entrepreneur, one of the most impactful faith-based entrepreneurship programmes in Nigeria. He is known as a friend to all without any enemies. He has been married to Ojiugo for 18 years, and they have four children.
20:07:17 From Emmanuel Nwosu : Please we are not talking about shaking hands. We are discussing viable linkages for direct foreign investment. Prof. Soludo is way ahead of all the rest.
20:07:42 From Chinedu Obiefuna : Which party is Ozigbo in?
20:07:59 From Young Bar : PDP
20:08:04 From Aziza Uko : @Chinedu Obiefuna: Valentine Ozigbo is in PDP.
20:08:11 From Emmanuel Nwosu : I don’t think that Ozigbo can win primaries in his party.
20:08:41 From Anyaora Lucy : YPP is the choice
20:08:43 From Chinedu Obiefuna : Ok
20:08:58 From Anyaora Lucy : Team Ifeanyi Ubah
20:09:01 From Aziza Uko : @Emmanuel Nwosu: Leave the matter for PDP to decide. Support who you support and leave PDP to decide who their flagbearer will be.
20:09:24 From Uchenna to Tim Elo(Direct Message) : OZIGBO has already won!!!
20:10:18 From Chinedu Obiefuna : What is paper qualification?
20:10:49 From Anyaora Lucy : Ifeanyi Ubah
20:10:55 From Emmanuel Ettah : Until Philosopher Kings are allowed to lead. the World will not see peace. The peace of the good people of Anambra is in the hands of an epitome of excellence. The man sent to liberate the people of Anambra from bad leadership. #VCO is that awaited answer.
20:11:05 From Anyaora Lucy : The highest investor
20:13:21 From Anyaora Lucy : Gosimuife kamfunanya
Kudos to Our Senator
The senator we have
The Governor we deserve
20:13:32 From MSG Okwunna : Tyndale God bless you sir
20:14:37 From Chuks Ozigbo : @Emmanuel Nwosu, what if Val wins the primary, are you ready to support him?
20:15:18 From Chinedu Obiefuna : Does Val have a website?
20:15:50 From Emmanuel Ettah : Men can only Award you for a job done. But when God rewards you. Impossibilities don’t exist. God choose the unqualified to qualify them for a purpose. Valentine Ozigbo is that God’s choosen one for the emancipation of Ndi Anambra.
20:16:35 From Aziza Uko : @ChineduOzigbo: There is a launch date for the campaign website in the future. As you may be aware, campaigns have not begun. In the meantime, his Facebook Page provides a track for his information, statements, etc.
20:16:57 From Aziza Uko : @Chinedu Obiefuna: There is a launch date for the campaign website in the future. As you may be aware, campaigns have not begun. In the meantime, his Facebook Page provides a track for his information, statements, etc.
20:17:36 From Galaxy S10 : Why keep recycling people that we know are Liability to Ndi Anambra same old people. Ambassador Ike Oligbo is the only person that will bring the desired change to Anambra state.
20:22:07 From Galaxy Note4 : When will the program schedule again?
20:22:30 From Emmanuel Ettah : You decision today may hinder your progress. choose wisely…. VCO is the bridge to the Quagmire Anambra is facing.
20:24:24 From Elvis Ehimotor : I am VCO’s public voice, Our policy is not to attack but proffer solutions to the myriad issues currently bedeviling the state.
20:24:38 From Chinedu Obiefuna : Is this factual?
20:24:51 From Elvis Ehimotor : I believe in fact and figure…
20:25:06 From Hope A : Is he doing the road with his money? Is Chris azubogu doing the roads with his money?
20:25:15 From Tim Elo to Infinix HOT 9 Play(Direct Message) : Please write your name to enable the host identify you and call you on.
20:25:58 From Inside Life : We know those campaigning with buhari’s project
20:26:22 From Inside Life : Tell us what chris did before laying hands on F.G Money
20:26:35 From Elvis Ehimotor : @Ikechukwu: Chris Azubogu has never governed anything. He has never been a CEO of anything. He doesn’t have any governance experience whether private sector or in government. A legislature is not leader of anything except his office which government pays him to employ 7 staff.
20:27:30 From Inside Life : managing payroll system, we know how it works, they steal from poor civil servants like IPPIS is currently doing
20:28:29 From Faceofagulu Anambra State : @Ikechukwu Onyia please stop the lies biko, you don’t even know what you’re saying…
20:29:05 From Inside Life : How many people did chris employed directly before going into politics
20:30:04 From Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia : Azubogu has facilitated jobs for so many Anambra people. Azubogu is leading private sector-driven growth that will drive jobs
20:31:07 From Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia : @faceofAgulu which lies?
20:32:10 From Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia : @inside life, unfortunately for you, Azubogu managed it without stealing
20:34:07 From Ikem Igbodike : Moderator can you graciously allow Chris Azubogu address this honest body since he is here in person.
20:34:29 From Elvis Ehimotor : in all honesty, going through the CV’s of all the aspirants, I can authoritatively tell you that Victor Ozigbo is the choice
20:36:35 From Darlington : and that’s what Dr senator Patrick ifeanyi Ubah is doing
20:37:12 From Elvis Ehimotor : in all honesty, going through the CV’s of all the aspirants, I can authoritatively tell you that Valentine Ozigbo is the choice
20:37:38 From Chinedu Obiefuna : It is not logical sir
20:38:04 From Inside Life : Val Ozigbo is a world class business executive
20:38:44 From Galaxy Note4 : SOLUDO SOLUTION
20:38:49 From Oforbuike Tyndale Okoli-Egbo : Senator Ifeanyi Ubah is a critical thinker with strength of character. Let us support him
20:39:22 From Ada Okechukwu : from my own assessment so far , Val Ozigbo is our best bet
20:39:55 From Arthur Ibeneme : https://www.gbetutv.com/stolen-projects-for-politics-fg-warns-ubah-ekwunife-azubogwu-others/
20:39:59 From Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia : Lets go with an Engineer this time and Engr Chris Emeka Azubogu (Mr Project)
20:40:02 From Inside Life : His experience cuts across financial management, Risk management, power and grid development, youth development, hospitality management.
20:40:54 From Chinedu Obiefuna : Not necessarily sir
20:41:07 From Inside Life : Soludo should go and complete that hospital he started with peoples funds
20:41:31 From Chinedu Obiefuna : That’s how things work in Nigeria. Should never be a yardstick
20:41:35 From Elvis Ehimotor : Both Azubogu, Soludo, Ubah et al… do not have a mind of their own… Anambra people must not make such mistake. we need an economist who has got management skills and not just politicians
20:41:37 From Arthur Ibeneme : Ekelu ọlụ eke!
20:41:55 From Inside Life : Anambra needs a technocrat at this point
20:42:20 From Inside Life : we don’t need ballot box snatchers
20:42:53 From Galaxy Note4 : SOLUDOZIE ANAMBRA
20:43:30 From UserRoland : By his grace Nnamdi Nnoruka for the governor of Anambra State (Labour Party
20:44:12 From Chinedu Obiefuna : How does one measure independent mindedness?
20:44:26 From Galaxy Note4 : Anambraians should plead Soludo to govern Anambra state
20:45:44 From Oforbuike Tyndale Okoli-Egbo : You are not from Anambra so technically lack the locus to advice us
20:45:59 From Chinedu Obiefuna : Are Anambra people ready to vote PDP?
20:46:27 From Inside Life : APGA has failed the test of time
20:46:29 From Tino Tinero : ndi Anambra wants YPP. OpenDoorPolicy
20:46:49 From Inside Life : all their projects are collapsing
20:47:03 From Galaxy Note4 : SOLUDOZIE ANAMBRA
20:47:24 From UserRoland : Our awaiting Governor come November this year 2021 by God Grace Nnamdi Nnoruka(Labour Party
20:48:27 From Francis Okoye : Sen Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah has proven that he has the capacity to mobilize men and resources for the good of the people and state. He was the only politician that came out to calm frayed nerves during the EndSARS Protest. He has his industries spread across Anambra State and as such he has a state here and would do everything to develop our state and protect its people.
20:49:21 From UserRoland : Hon Nnamdi Nnoruka Labour Party, will not fail you
20:51:16 From Chinedu Obiefuna : Well. I thought this is purely Anambra affair
20:51:53 From Oforbuike Tyndale Okoli-Egbo : Mr. Moderator, what’s the rationale behind bringing non Ananmbrians to this platform?
20:52:47 From Inside Life : Ekwunife has nothing to offer please
20:53:08 From Elombah Television : They Elombah Television Staff
20:53:35 From Elombah Television : @ Chinedu They are Elombah Television Staff
20:53:50 From Oforbuike Tyndale Okoli-Egbo : Anambra tili gwo gwo nwannem.

Oh staffs,that’s fine. Allow them observe please. They are not stakeholders in the project at hand
20:54:48 From Ikem Igbodike : Engr Chris Azubogu and Rev Godwin Okonkwo are the best feet forward. Either of them will deliver
20:55:38 From UserRoland : We all lament that government is not working. there is NO job opportunities No free education, No water Hon Nnamdi Nnoruka is here for US

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