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VIDEO: Kano state Governor Ganduje caught on video taking bribe


Kano Governor Ganduje caught on video receiving dollars from suspected contractors

Governor of Kano State, Abdullahi Ganduje, has appeared in a video receiving money in dollars alleged to be bribe amounting to about $5million.

The money was given by persons believed to be contractors in to the state government.

Kano State Governor Ganduje has not done anything extraordinary. On the contrary, he did what most governors and political office holders do. Nigeria is a country that is built on corruption, injustice and impunity.

This Ganduje’s scandal is making news because he was caught and has been exposed.

Majority of our governors collect kickbacks from contractors. Julius Berger is reported to have built a mansion for a former governor of my State as “appreciation” for the hundreds of billions of Naira the company benefited in contracts.

The Senator who is presently representing my constituency in the Senate is currently standing trial for allegedly receiving luxurious cars from a business man who got contracts from my State while the Senator served as a Commissioner for Finance. The PDP has given the Senator a second term ticket despite the criminal charges hanging on his neck.

I do not think majority of Nigerians are averse to corruption. We actually defend, justify and excuse glaring corrupt practices. Despite the damaging video released by Daily Nigerian showing Ganduje received Dollars, some sick Nigerians are still demanding proof.

In a society where people resent selfless service, it is difficult to fight corruption.

Buhari pretends to be fighting corruption, but we are just deceiving ourselves. It is not possible to fight the same establishment that one owes his allegiance and political life to. Whether we are talking about the PDP or the APC, both parties depend on corruption for survival. APC and PDP are funded by stolen funds.

That is why some of us are demanding a radical, complete and unconventional political change in the leadership of the country.
— Inibehe Effiong


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