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VIDEO: Obiano lied about Anambra Airport, had said State won’t spend “Kobo”

The attached video shows when the Anambra State Governor, Mr. Willie Obiano told citizens that the Anambra Airport will be funded by foreign investors with the state not contributing a “Kobo”.

Governor Obiano made the remark during the election period prior to his second tenure, stating categorically that Anambra will not invest a “Kobo” in the airport project.

During the governorship debate, he assured Ndi Anmabra that foreign investors and Orient Oil will fund the airport project.

It was therefore, shocking to the state residents, barely fourteen months to the end of his tenure, to hear from the same man that the state will spend a whopping N16 billion for the airport which he is constructing in his home town, Aguleri.

The latest revelation followed his admission that the State Government has liquidated the 25 billion Naira Promissory Notes which he claimed he invested the balance in the airport project .

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Available reports say that the Governor and his economic team led by one Mark Okoye gave away 8 billion Naira in order to access the balance before maturity date.

According to them, the reason is because they want to invest it in the construction of an airport while the entire road infrastructure is decrepit.

Watch video:

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