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Warning To So-Called Igbo Leaders Regarding the Ongoing Campaign By Courageous Igbo Youths


Ohanze Ndigbo

To Ohaneze Ndigbo, the so-called “apex organization” of the Igbo people; to the so-called governors of the present five Igbo states; to all individuals in Rivers and Delta states who parade themselves as Igbo leaders; and, last but not least, to all other elites and opinion molders of all capacities in all corners of Igboland, both those presently classified as Igboland and Igbo areas ceded out to non-Igbo communities by Nigerian occupational officialdom, including lawmakers of every rank and stripe, we address this warning message to you. There comes a time in the life of an oppressed people when they must stand up to their tormentors and oppressors. World history has instances and records of these precious, defining moments. When William “The Conqueror” of Normandy, France, conquered England in 1066, under English King Harold, relentless protests by the English people occurred challenging the status quo ante, despite the many fortifications and appeasements by the Normandy people around England, including the offer of a building, as a gift, in the form of the (in) famous “Tower of London,” whose relics exist till today. Umu Igbo, even a timid goat shy of a fight would, when pushed to the wall, bite its abuser. The Igbo nation has reached that crossroads in Nigeria. This is the moment to say no to our tormentors and detractors without backing down and without blinking an eye.

When great Biafra minds, such as the founders of Ekwe Nche organization, Biafra Foundation, and others reached a conclusion in 1996 that the fraud called Nigeria was irredeemable, partly because of its bad faith, bad belly in Nigeria broken English, not fulfilling the “end of hostilities agreement” reached after the Biafra-Nigeria genocidal war, the need to free Igboland from the Nigerian occupational forces and rejuvenate Biafra became imperative. Many ignorant non-Igbo Nigerians believe the Eastern region, especially Igbo Nation, deserve marginalization and related punishment dished to it because it was supposedly “defeated” in a genocidal war, with no visible instrument of surrender, where Nigeria broke all the international rules of engagement on the conduct of modern warfare, with its indiscriminate targeting of Igbo civilian populations that included scorched-earth economic blockade and starvation, as well as non-stop bombing and strafing of civilian populations, not to mention oppressive measures after the war designed deliberately to keep Igbo down psychologically and economically. IgboZaraIgbo first challenged the Goodluck Jonathan government to produce the declassified Biafra surrender document under the Nigerian Freedom of Information Act of 2011, but to no avail, an occurrence that does not surprise us, since no such fictional surrender instrument exits. Following the so-called electoral victory of jihadist General Muhammadu Buhari, in a supposed presidential

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Restoring Igbo values to the Igbo Nation Worldwide – made up of Igbo in Igboland and in the Diaspora across the world – in readiness for the reassertion of Igbo statehood cut short in 1970.

election supervised by another jihadist disguised as electoral umpire, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) chairman, Attahiru Jega, whose in broad daylight, allowed over 4 million under-aged children all across northern Nigeria to vote for Buhari, we issued another appeal, (http://republicreporters.com/release-the-biafra-surrender-document-now/ ), but again in vain.

How pathetic that the shameless protagonists of the Biafra genocidal war recently went on fruitless attempts for damage control. More than forty-five years after aiding and abetting the destruction of Eastern Nigeria lives and property, Britain now wants to help rebuild Niger Delta. It does not end there. Additionally, the “evil genius,” General Ibrahim Babaginda calls agitation for Biafra a “distraction” but that he would vote for an Igbo president in 2019 “if” he can find one then. What a shameless display of aristocratic arrogance for a former military dictator once married to an Igbo woman. Still going further, the jester General Yakubu Gowon, when recently offered another opportunity to confess his sin, asserts that his reneging on the Aburi accords in Ghana that could have granted autonomy to the Igbo in a confederal structure and staved war, had nothing to do with his genocide of more than 3.5 million Biafrans. Moreover, just like his co-conspirator General Babaginda, Gowon naively thinks an Igbo president in God-knows-what-year in this century is the solution to Nigeria’s restructuring problem. Similarly for the warlord Matthew Olusegun Obasanjo who dismisses as criminals, young people demonstrating against a Nigerian quota system which keeps them down and denies them of educational opportunities simply because they are Igbo. We know already the odorous body language of the jihadist turned pharaoh of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari whose action in his seven months of civilian dictatorship, no less than his treasonable military first missionary journey, speaks for itself.

The Northern States Governors’ Forum, comprising the Arewa Nation, in an announcement, following their usual nocturnal meetings, is more interested at “averting any spill over” of the present crisis in their neck-of-the-wood, not any interest in the violation of Igbo rights, including their God-given right to control their collective destiny, free of Hausa-Fulani-Yoruba overlord-ship. And some naïve and ignorant Nwa-Igbo who collude with these Hausa-Fulani-Yoruba modern slave masters still would not read the handwriting on the wall of these blood-thirsty overlords. Chi-Ukwu Abiama frowns on the wicked machinations of evil overlords with no intention other than to keep other people down.

The present agitations by Biafrans, like the so-called English Doomsday scenario referred to above in this release, is an ongoing call for freedom and self-determination from the mistake of 1914, but now fueled by the continued detention of IPOB leader, Maazi Nnamdi Kanu, whose fundamental human and civil rights are brutally being violated by Nigerian occupational forces. Three times a duly constituted court has ruled for Maazi Kanu to be produced in court for trial for “terrorism” and three times General Buhari has defied the order for a supposed new convert to democracy, using one Mohammed Diri, the so-called Director of Public Prosecutions in the Federal Ministry of Justice. IgboZaraIgbo, once again, adds its voice to the repeated call across Nigeria and beyond for the immediate and unconditional release of Maazi Kanu.

To all the so-called Igbo leaders, lawmakers and elites and organizations in every category, including Ohaneze but also groups in the Diaspora, such as the so-called World Igbo Congress – we bring this message of warning: please, in the name of Chi-Ukwu Abiama, forswear participation in the continued subjugation of our people and become part of the solution and not the problem that for 45 years since the end of the uncivil war relentlessly continued by others means against our people. Please do not do anything that will hamper the peaceful protests and clarion cries of Igbo youths across the South-East and South-South nonviolently protesting against Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba serfdom imposed upon them that have gone for 45 straight years and is continuing under General Buhari’s current dictatorship called civilian rule. Your profiles and conducts are all well documented. You must account for your stewardship to Igbo Nation at the right time, no matter how long it takes to bring about that accountability. Your selfish attitude against Igbo interest keeps reminding us what real Igbo leaders, such as De Sam Mbakwe of blessed memory, would say today about us.

Lastly, any individual, group or constituted authority that in any way becomes linked with the use of violent force against unarmed Igbo youths demonstrating for their right to control their destiny from the stranglehold of the fraud called Nigeria, will have a case to answer for war crimes and crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court at The Hague. A word is enough for the wise. You have been forewarned!


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