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We Can Never Grow As A Nation By Exhibiting This Mentality Of Wearing A Politician’s Face

We can never grow as a nation by exhibiting this mentality of wearing a politician’s face on our body as clothes from Monday to Friday on our way to work or personal life just to express our loyalty to our paymaster instead of the nation  

Japan and India just landed on the moon in 2017 and this January 2018 China’s robot landed on the dark side of the moon(a historic feat).These countries didn’t  achieve all these by wearing a politicians cloth to work.  

They did it by building a strong institution as opposed to us in Nigeria who build our own institutions around Politicians who change political parties and ideologies the same way they change  their clothes(Thank you Bishop Chukwuma for pointing this right during Ekwueme’s burial)  

We claim to attend church more than any country in the world and we have more churches per square capita than schools more than any country in the world but don’t we read our Bible. Was it not written “Woe unto those who wait on the strength of Egypt” Let us wake up and start asking the right questions.  

Yes you can wear a politicians clothes from head to tail during campaigns and elections but wearing Buhari’s, Obiano, Ambode, Elrufai or Bola Tinibu’s face on your body everyday to work to express your allegiance to your Boss instead of your nation is poverty mentality, stupidity and inferiority complex.  

Be assured that while you are worshiping your Buhari or Obiano, wearing their clothes everyday instead of building a stronger nation, my neighbor here in Stockholm invented Skype, Sweden Just built and sold the fastest fighter jet to Canada, a joint Japan and EU robot is on its way to Mercury Planet as we speak and a United States robot just landed on Mars    

Wake Up Nigerians!!!!! 

Pharm Ike Klinsmann Ohamadike

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