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We condemn official robbery against Anambra State ~ APC

Anambra State chapter of the All Progressives Congress has condemned the diversion and sharing of palliatives meant for the people of Anambra state by few APGA stakeholders.

In a statement by the publicity Secretary of the party in the state, Okelo Madukaife, he described it as official robbery against the state.

He said, “Our party in Anambra State shares the pain of the youth in Anambra State that food and other palliatives duly entrusted into the hands of Anambra State Government by the Federal Government and other stakeholders were shared by a few APGA leaders.

“We know it for a fact that apart from those two trailer-loads of rice, noodles, oil and beans intercepted in the morning hours of Saturday October 24,2020 by angry youth in Arroma, allegedly on their way to Aguleri and Isuofia respectively, other villages which we will name shortly at close of our investigation are home to such food stock,while the grandmothers and the poor in Anambra State were dying.

“Little wonder 2020 has recorded superlative deaths over and above the past years.

“Yet, we do not support the burning down of Anambra State properties, those of her citizens or any bloodshed in Anambra State, because with a better government ahead, Anambra State needs not ‘beg for food’, nor fly into rage when it is denied.

“While expressing our condolences for those who lost their lives and regret for incalculable but avoidable damage to properties, we appeal to the energetic and vigorous youth of Nnamdi Azikiwe’s state to respect the memory of the doyen who led the initiative for Nigeria’s independence, achieving same with the power of dialogue and wit, shedding no blood.

“Gladly our state now has a beautiful Mausoleum of the great Zik, where the art of his ways can be learnt courtesy of today’s Federal Government.

“Let the evil that governments do reside with them and depart the state when they and their party depart. But let Anambra be! We plead on our knees.

“Wisdom demands and democracy insists that the weapon to address bad governance is the massive vote against the sponsoring party in free and fair elections. This is where Anambra State youth should insist on good riddance to bad APGA and Obiano, away from past clannish deceit.

“Now no one can say that the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and other private stakeholders have not done their part with speed, timeliness and integrity. Instead we now know how APGA-led Anambra State Government is shortchanging their people.

“Is stealing or looting not corruption?

“Is it not the same corruption that led to stealing of noodles meant for the poor that led to stealing the Local Governments (LGs) blind and failing to do LG Elections?

“Governments erected without ideas and manifesto will always fail and that is what we seeing in Anambra State now from the so called Igbo party without the spirit of Ndigbo.

“_Egbe belu, Ugo belu_ is missing.
_Nke anyi buzi nke fa._ But the game of deceit has ended on the side of the people.

“Anambra State will rise from these ashes to greater glory if we do not respond in anger, but with a creative pursuit of our happiness by enthronong new and focused governance parameters in the 21 LGs of Anambra State and a focused State Government to motivate them.

“Once again, sympathize with the families of those who lost their lives in this orgy of violence and we will quickly rediscover our wisdom and utilize opportunities knocking on our door.”

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