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We have finally retired Edo political godfathers ~ Oshiomole

They said they will disgrace Oshiomhole in this election because they were plotting evil during the elections but God thwarted all their plans and I told…

“They said they will disgrace Oshiomhole in this election because they were plotting evil during the elections but God thwarted all their plans and I told our people these people want to kill us because of election but they will never succeed.

“And I want to thank security agents who worked so hard to ensure that those evil people were apprehended. 

“Just look at the result of the election, Igbinedion lost his ward, Ikimi was defeated in Igueben and that is because these people have lost touch with the people. 

“They eat from the sweat of the poor and I said no, it cannot happen anymore.

“Over the last eight years we have tried to orientate our people not just the voters but politicians that the season of election rigging where one or two godfathers write the results is over and we were committed to dismantling the rigging machine. 

“We have a rerun in 2012 with all the godfathers on one side and new forces of change on my side, I won in all the 18 local government areas.

“Our people have spoken loud and clear that they believe in democracy, they just don’t want to be beneficiaries, they want to be the drivers of the process. This was shown by the way they conducted themselves on Election Day. 

“It is outstanding and remarkable that tensed as the election was with all the predictions the APC out of 18 Local Governments we won in 15 decisively based on the fact that we won 25 per cent from two other Local Governments apart from the 13 we won decisively. 

“Those who were loudest in making noise have been revealed where they stand in relation with Edo people.

“We have humbled Chief Tom Ikimi even in the local government he claimed to have created. We defeated Chief Raymond Dokpesi in his polling unit, his Ward and his local government. 

“That reassures that the ruthless deployment of media machinery is not enough to distort the will of Edo people to determine their choice. 

“In Okada, the political family that has boasted that they will continue to govern this state and even compelled the state to adopt them as the queen of England whose birthday must be celebrated. 

“In Okada, the APC was the preferred party by the people than that family in Okada.

“There is something unique in the way things have turned out. In Esan land, the senatorial zone of the PDP godfather, we won two out of the five local governments. 

“We gave him a fight that he manages to escape. He used the factor of his age to play on the emotion of the people.

“It is a victory for the people of the state. Edo people are now proud they can now determine who rule them and no one godfathers can choose a leader for them. 

“When you look at the propaganda, you will think we have fell for the lion but they failed…”

By Adams Oshiomole [via APC TV]


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