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We’re promptly compensated for houses demolished – Inokon


Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State

My attention has been drawn to the story on page 15 of today (June 30th) edition of The Punch newspapers with a rather incomplete headline “Akwa Ibom Indigenes…”

In the story, some indigenes of Awa Community in Onna Local Government Area were said to have called on the Federal Government to come to their aid, because the Ministry of Works had demolished their houses to build a car park meant to be used by some high profile individuals from the community and my name was prominently featured in the story.

When I first read the story, my initial instincts were to dismiss the report as yet another handiwork of merchants of hate and blackmail, but given the weight of lies that are contained in the said report, a rebuttal became imperative.

Let me state here in no uncertain terms that the report is absolutely false as the owners of the houses that were demolished were properly paid their compensation in line with the guidelines outlined by the Ministry of Works and the independent valuers.  

At a Press Conference I had with newsmen in Uyo earlier today, I specifically stated that at no time did I call on the Federal Government to come to our aid. 

We were properly compensated for our houses that were demolished and I personally paid a visit to the Honourable Commissioner for Works, Mr. Ephraim Inyang-Eyen to thank him for the prompt payment of our compensation. 

I have a copy of the cheque of the compensation that was paid. 

We are very proud of our son, Deacon Udom Emmanuel for the able manner he has steered the ship of our dear State especially in these turbulent economic times.

Let me state here that we don’t have individuals by the names: Akpan Ebong, Udoh Ebong or Madam Inokon as mentioned in the said publication. 

My names are Chief Inokon I. Inokon and not Inikon as published in the story.

These inconsistencies clearly show publication to be the handiwork of detractors. 

Governor Emmanuel has shown an incredible sense of compassion, steadiness, and financial discipline and in the process demonstrated that he is the right person for the right time. 

The notion that Awa indigenes would come out to call on the Federal Government to come to their aid is not just ludicrous it is preposterous. 

I want to advise our people that the 2015 election now has become a settled affair, and as such, people should stop playing politics with a settled issue. 

The land, I repeat was not used as a car park for some important personalities from Awa as was erroneously stated in the story. 

This is patent falsehood.  

Governor Udom Emmanuel would continue to execute the mandate that the good people of Akwa Ibom State had given him, working hard to rapidly industrialize our state and rousing our people to ‘dakkada’ and claim the faith of their greatness. 

He will not be distracted from this steady course that he has set for himself and we remain eternally proud of him.

Chief Inokon I. Inokon


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