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We Will Resist Any Move Against CJN Onnoghen – Niger Delta Movement


The Niger Delta Self Determination Movement (NDSDM), along other well meaning Nigerians, in-line with the legal interpretation and in defence of our hard earned democracy, in respect of the rights of the independence of the judiciary, the last hope of the common man, that is also the thlird arm of government, and in defence of the basic rights of every Nigerian to be considered innocent until found guilty by a competent court of law of Nigeria, we condemn in every aspect the abuse of power as is demonstrated by the Federal Government of  Nigeria, as it asked the Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN  Walter Onnoghen to immediately vacate his exalted office as head of the nation’s judiciary over alleged Sunday asset declaration.

This is a move to force  Chief Justice Onnoghen out of office, the Federal Government will arraign the CJN before Justice Danladi Yakubu lead Code of Conduct Tribunal, on the 14th January 2019 on charges of failure to declare his assets. 

It is noted that the author of the petition Dennis Aghanya was a one time Media Media Aide and is a long time associate of the President Buhari, the the petition against the CJN was received on the 11th of January 2019, and a case was filed at the  code of conduct  bureau, meaning investigations was concluded within 24 hours.

This smacks of voice of Jacob and hand of Esau. Along with this unbelievable speed a replacement have been found in the person of Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad to replace the CJN Onnoghen. 

The NDSDM have not forgotten that the appointment of JusticeOnnogh

Pen was viciously delayed by President Muhammadu Buhari, we therefore perceive this action to be the obvious determination of President Buhari to achieve the total disregard of law and order and the rights of all other Ethnic Nationalities and regions of Nigeria. 

We conclude that this is yet another attempt to set the pace at controlling the judiciary in the favor of the incumbent government after the 2019 February 16 and subsequent elections, knowing that the results of elections will not favor them. 

We have not forgotten the way and manner AD Matthew Seiyefa was removed and replaced by a retired kinsman of President Buhari inline with the obvious plan to monopolize the political system of and decision making organs of the Federal Republic of Nigeria made up of  nearly 200 million people we are told. 

Nigerians note today what we of the Niger Delta knew that the reason President Goodluck Jonathan was terrorized out of office in 2015 was not because he was a bad President but because he was a Niger Delta man. Less than 6 weeks to the election just as the appointment of CJN Onnoghen was resisted then his continued  stay is been resisted. 

The people of Nigeria who truly want Nigeria to continue as a country, and the international community must stand up, man up and tell this Government in very clear terms why it is not in their interest to throw Nigeria into the crisis from which it won’t come back. 

Nigeria is a democracy that is why President Buhari is the President today, it remains a democracy that the s why the same people and the same process   whose democratic ways declared him president though some of us still argue against the process and President Jonathan willingness to accept defeat at the polls of 2015. 

The rule of law and the desire of one gentleman from the Niger Delta to respect the rule of law and spare the lives of Nigerians his countrymen has kept Nigeria together since 2015 and not the despotic tendency of one man. 

It must be noted, remembered and respected that Niger Delta people have a right to say if this is the  only way then it is not our way. 

The NDSDM  call on the CJN Onnoghen not to be intimidated 

  blackmailed, and terrorized to resign, because a political party is determined to deny Nigerians their basic human rights to choose a president of their choice. 

The desperate plot to replace the CJN is undemocratic, unconstitutional, illegal, and is totally rejected and is unacceptable to us in the south of Nigeria and specifically in the Niger Delta and we will not accept it. 

We are most aware that there is a difference  between 1967 when a war was declared against the then Eastern Nigeria and today when we must be seen as one people and we must stand up for our basic human rights as a people and be ready defend our rights to vote for a candidate of our choice and that our votes must count. 

NDSDM is certain of this, *if the people of the South of Nigeria particularly of the Niger Delta can’t have, keep and enjoy democracy in Nigeria then we must seek for democracy outside of Nigeria*


For Niger Delta Self Determination Movement (NDSDM)

Annkio Briggs, Convener

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