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“Ordinarily if Obasanjo, Buhari, Gowon had honour, shouldn’t they have committed suicide one their own for being tools in the hands of oyibo to subjugate fellow blacks?” – Author

One thing every Nigerian can attest to today is the presence of Igbophobia and Igbo demonization. By Igbos, Eboes, Ibos here we refer to all people of the old Southern part of Nigeria excluding Benin and Yoruba. If you doubt who is Igbo Go to page 335 at https://goo.gl/NnkyHj and https://goo.gl/mf2zA8 and https://goo.gl/sXo4Sp

In present day Nigeria, the British were able to identify for their use a group who are better classified as “generational curse” to the black race. The British fought the wars in the Bight of Biafra circa 1901 and 1902 claiming it was to stop human sacrifices but the same people have been buying slaves from the same place for over hundred years.

Here are some of the agreements signed by the British and the Bight of Biafra during slavery.

By 1856, the treaty to stop human sacrifices was signed https://goo.gl/4tDY3u as well as stopping the killing of twins – So which killing of twins did Mary Slessor come to stop in 1876?

Please note that Calabar was the former capital or the Southern protectorate and apparently would be where the missionaries got to first. Have you wondered if our people knew what the British wrote that they were signing?

It is based on these lies that the British carefully handed everyone over to the Hausa/Fulani and turned around to use them to enslave everyone else. Available information suggests there was nothing like amalgamation.

There was nothing like amalgamation and apparently what the British did was after Frederick Lugard left the North in 1906 and went to Hong Kong, they brought him back in 1912 to start ruling the North and South. He then carefully and fraudulently decided to call both a name they have been calling elsewhere before.

Here are two evidences that Nigeria was in use by the slave masters before 1914, so how and when did he amalgamate? Apparently he now transferred the same name or chose to start calling whatever he was ruling a name they coined to denigrate blacks.

Please look at this book published 1862 Life in the Niger: Or, the Journal of an African Trade William Cole (of Liverpool) Page 173. It says: “It is a fashion peculiar to the Nigerians, more especially the Abohnites” This man is writing from Aboh near Asaba in 1862 – But Frederick Lugard and the international prostitute named Flora Shaw we were told coined the name from River Niger in 1914 following the amalgamation. See the book https://goo.gl/7shA40 see also page 186 (This means Nigeria was a derogatory name)

(b) On this Nigerian lies as well, here is a book published 1902 also using the name Nigeria and compare this with the journal above also using the name Nigeria https://goo.gl/7pYxjX

Do you see that the British are liars and fraudsters?

Nigeria is being hoisted and forced on us because the British capitalize on the unfortunate inability to reason of the likes of Buhari and Obasanjo group. We may not blame them because with only a school certificate and joining the army just before the British left, people like Obasanjo and Buhari would be seeing the British as God.

If you examine the reasoning of the likes of Obasanjo beyond ethnic or any tribal sentiments, can you explain to us how Obasanjo, Gowon, Buhari and that group are not a generational curse to the black race?

It is either they know there was nothing like amalgamation or they lacked the ability to use their brains and the British capitalized on it. Let’s look at it closely – in the 60’s Apartheid and racial injustice were hot in the USA, Europe and South Africa. Have you then wondered how the British convinced the group of Obasanjo, Buhari, Gowon, IBB them to go to war with Biafra?

Ordinarily, if they were really people of honour, with the type racial injustice, shouldn’t they have been talking of how our people there can relocate home for freedom? 

If you really want to examine how they reason (the group of military recruits brainwashed against themselves by the British) – Remember it was said that Obasanjo was against apartheid in South Africa right? But the same Obasanjo sided with the same Europeans to slaughter more blacks than were killed because of Apartheid – and what do you call that? Wisdom I guess. 

These same people classified us as savages – is anyone telling me that at Obasanjo and his group’s age, they enjoy being called savages? Just in case you never knew blacks were known or used to be known as savages because of the numerous lies concocted by the British and other Europeans. It would appear anyway that the group of Obasanjo, Buhari, and Gowon enjoy being called savages. Look at this journal as an example Efforts of Missionaries among Savages http://goo.gl/AY6WFB 

Do you not wonder how a man can live his whole life and accept the tag of inferiority and being called a savage and helping the British defend that label?

Fast Forward the same group today – Buhari flew to new York, on tax payers money to ask for self-determination rights to Palestinians, the same Buhari turns around to arrest Nnamdi Kanu foe talking about the same self-determination for Biafrans – what do you call that? Buhari shoots and arrests unarmed Biafrans but did Israel arrest or shoot him for asking for Palestinian rights? Was Biafra not there before Nigeria came to be? http://goo.gl/l00Ty1

It simply means in the brains of the Obasanjo, Buhari group – the blacks in Nigeria are different from the ones south Africa and Palestinians are higher humans than Biafrans. The same man that says Palestinians must be free, does not even allow Biafrans mention Biafra without being shot and yet he knows that Biafra was who the people were and the Nigeria was a derogatory name coined by oyibo when they were buying slaves. In case you believe Buhari and his British engineered lies – look at the map http://goo.gl/qjJTx5

Since this Biafra agitation started, Obasanjo and Gowon have been in and out of the South East, all they are doing is to help the military identify who and who to kill and someone wants to tell us their brains are working.

The biggest part of their shame is that in the 60’s the present British prime minister was a baby. Cameron today is being worshipped by the same group

Was this not also the same self-determination that Buhari as PTF chairman and Abacha hid under to use one judge Ibrahim Auta to kill Saro-Wiwa and 8 others?

It is clear that the Buhari, Gowon, Obasanjo group are a generational curse to the Black race and it does not matter where you come from – the moment the British says oya – kill – you are gone.

It was under Obasanjo that the first woman that drove a car in Nigeria was killed – 1978 for those who can remember. Ordinarily, if Obasanjo had any sense of dignity for himself or for the black race, should a woman be where he should find strength? It was for this same Obasanjo that Abiola was killed if you all remember and in all cases, their British “God” is always there urging them on.

Please do not get me wrong, even if Obasanjo supports his one Nigeria fraud, shouldn’t he allow people to confront the British with the lies they tell about them? Have you taken time to calculate the caliber of people killed under the Buhari, Gowon, Obasanjo, and IBB group?

How come at their age, they never ask why the British do not kill their fellow oyibos the same way. If you live in the diaspora, whether you like it or not, oyibo sees you as brainless be you Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, or anything – these are where those stereotypes come from. The prices we pay for this group being our leaders cannot be quantified, example instead of allowing us to confront the British with the lies in our history, they arranged to stop history from our schools.

Another visible evidence that these men are just like slave dealers those days, the same Obasanjo connived with his British and Oyibo “god” and ceded Bakassi to Cameroon. Remember the same person slaughtered enough blacks during the war claiming it was for oil? How then he freely ceded Bakassi to Cameroon, despite his fraudulent love of one Nigeria and neither himself nor his fellow British house slaves said anything?

In much the same way, he sided with the oyibos to concoct the so called Abacha loot that if you dig any deeper you will discover that the amount has passed the country’s budget at that time and remember – they were not in good terms with Abacha for looking towards china for support – Have you forgotten? How come they are not returning the money for those that are living? Shameless people

If you do not comprehend how these men are, look at the corruption shout today and compare it with what they did to Shagari. Was this not how they convinced everyone that there was corruption under Shagari? 

Apparently what they do is connive with the British to allege there is corruption. Then hide under that to foment their trouble. Whether you are a Northerner or Southerner – look at yourself and the condition of Nigeria today and compare the 5 years you claim GEJ and Shagari used to destroy Nigeria with the over 40 years of these British house slaves and tell us how far. If you this the destruction of blacks by the Obasanjo group is a Northern or Southern thing, tell us which side is good, or go and read what the lecturer accused of hate speech in Kaduna wrote. 

Just note that the Buhari, Obasanjo, Gowon et al group just do and say what oyibo says they should say even when it does not make sense – A lecturer in Kaduna- hate speech, Nnamdi Kanu – Hate speech – The truth is hate speech to them anyway.

As Buhari uses the judiciary to practice what the oyibos teach him, we must make him realize that his children will never become white and as he is holding children to satisfy his British slave masters, calling it national security and what not, his own children will face the same discrimination that blacks face with oyibos when he is gone. 

If the British claimed we couldn’t rule ourselves to justify their colonization, who was ruling us before they came? Was it not through the village heads who are like Buhari, Obasanjo and Gowon that they bought slaves? How long can we keep from asking them to explain these lies?

They lied that we were killing twins and their mother. They lied about the human sacrifice they used to justify the Aro-Anglo wars. Compare the lies that they were fighting the Aro-Anglo wars to stop human sacrifices with the Obasanjo crap that they were fighting the war to unite?

Obasanjo fought a war to unite and after that war, he robbed the victims of their property, robbed them of their money and sent them out of jobs and he fought to unite. They did not stop there after the war and what the British tagged wiping all traces of Igbos from Port Harcourt, oil was discovered in what is now Imo State, Obasanjo and his group incited by the British arranged a boundary adjustment to cede the area with oil to what is now rivers state and thus dividing one community into two states.

Even Cameron that campaigned vehemently for Mandela to be executed for terrorism went to visit Mandela, but Obasanjo and his group are still running around identifying those to be killed to make their British god happy, what a Shame!!! 

Ordinarily if Obasanjo, Buhari, Gowon had honour, shouldn’t they have committed suicide one their own for being tools in the hands of oyibo to subjugate fellow blacks?

Donald Tommy

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