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We’re not behind S/E attacks, can’t kill fellow Igbos or officers, we’re not mad men —ESN Commander


A self-acclaimed Commander in the Eastern Security Network (ESN) leadership, one Osita Nwokosisi, has refuted “claims” that the group, in conjunction with the mother group, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), are behind the recent attacks on security personnel and outfits across the South East region.

In a personal memo, Nwokosisi stated categorically that “ESN cannot go on rampage and begin to kill fellow Igbos,” adding: “We are not mad men! ESN cannot kill Igbo officers.”

Nwokosisi claimed that the recent attacks, which have seen some security agents killed, some police station destroyed, and a Correctional Center in Owerri, Imo State, attacked and detainees freed, are a handiwork of mercenaries.

He said the mercenaries were hired by “the Buhari government” to “unleashed terror on Ala Igbo”.

The memo tagged “SOS NDIGBO!” reads:

“My name is Osita Nwokosisi, I am the third in Command of ESN. I wish to state unequivocally and categorically that these attacks are not perpetrated by ESN or IPOB or by any Igbo man.

The Buhari government has unleashed terror on Ala Igbo. This statement is coming timely before they start dragging your innocent sons out and shooting them like dogs before your very eyes.

Fulani’s have invaded the East. Their intent is to make the East a wasteland. They sent in people to start a Boko Haram in the East.

Open your eyes. ESN cannot go on rampage and begin to kill fellow Igbos. We are not mad men! ESN cannot kill Igbo officers…NEVER!!!

I call on Igbo elders, Ohaneze Ndigbo, Igbo world wide, Elders and leaders of Ndigbo, please listen to a voice of reason and investigate my words.

These killings were not carried out by any Igbo man. The people attacking the prisons and police Stations are mercenaries.

They are doing this to an invasion of Igbo land. I swear by my father’s grave that all I have said here are the truths.

Have you reasoned that these people fire for hours without police or army intervention?

Have you reasoned that the police and prison warders offer no resistance?

Have you reasoned that the unknown gunmen have not been caught? Instead they brought some conmen to talk nonsense?

Look at the charade of the people they paraded as confessed ESN. The young men were so relaxed.

They were poor actors acting a badly written script. The one who had a leg wound was walking majestically.

Please view them again. They were paid to claim they are ESN. They are purposely provoking the Igbo youths but we have kept quiet.

What they don’t know is we know our country well. You can’t tell an Igbo man to go and start killing his brothers.

They are afraid of ESN. They want to destroy the East. ESN will never spill innocent blood.

These people are well trained operatives moved in and wreck havoc and destroy Ala Igbo.

Please investigate before it is too late. On my knees I pray to Umuigbo to save Igboland from these evil men by exposing the real culprit.

God save Ala Igbo. Obiara egbu Igbo, ha ga egbu onwe ha!

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