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Wetin Dey Happen 4 Naija…

By Peter Omonua

Dis tin don dey do me make I talk for sometym now but everi tyme I wan talk am, I go pull back sake of say make I no go create bad belle. As tins come dey for naija so and moreso, as tins dey go, e beta make I talk my own as I see am. But before dat, make I give small backgrand.

I attend grama school for one small village near Offa for Kwara State. De school get like 90 or 95 persent muslim populasion. My classmates name dat time na Rashidi, Sule ( I rememba say we dey call am Sule-Maito – nice funny guy like dat), Wasiu ( we dey call dat one Aji Wasee; Aji meaning alhaji), Lamidi (one mischevious boy wey be de yongest for de class), Abu Amori ( dat guy was funny – I wonda wer im dey now??), Alfa Nla, Ibrahim ( or Ibro for short), Lateef who we dey call Lati.

My principa na one very intelligent, strict but fair Alhaja Mrs Ibiyeye. Later she come becom Alhaja Mrs Adebayo, wen her first husband pass away and she remarry.

Dat woman was tough. How she manage hold dat school like dat, na only God sabi. De school get predominant male teachers, wey include several Indians and Ghanians. If you dey do anytin wey dey mischievous, make you just hear “principal nbo oo” or just see her greyish Peugeot 505. Some pipu rumour say she dey use jass, make pipu dey fear am – dat one me I don’t know sha oo; but she been try keep de school togeda.

Principa dey veri respectful of the divasiti of the student and academic body sotey, im split assembli prayers equally betwin Christian prayers and muslim prayers. I feel say dat woman ( she be product of University of Ibadan – Chemistry degree) dey too sophisticated and intelligent for de caliba of school wey dem put am.

And then dia was my “School Mother”. Those dat went to boarding school those days will rememba the concept of ‘school father’ and ‘school mother’ as they were called then. Her name was Fausat Owolewa, anoda very fervent muslim.

Na dat kind association we get between Christians and muslims for naija wen we dey grow up.

So una go dey wonda why all dis long tori?  Na bicos I know say any mata wey concern religion, people dey dey very passionate and touchi about am.

As I see how naija dey go so, I say make I just talk wetin I see – so dat if the tin come happen, I no go begin blame myself say why I no warn people wen I suppose to.

Dis tin happen for one country like dat wia I dey stay. I been carry my pikins go do wetin dem dey call “tryout” for basketball. As we dey wait make the boys finish dea practice, one oyinbo man, wey himself carry him pikin come, engage me for small talk.

We first talk about the skill wey the different players get, come talk about politics for dat country, talk about wetin dey happen for US under Donald Trump. I tell am where I dey work, himself tell me say him na manufacturer but say him still dey do some small small things for dat contri govanment. Wen him ask me wich contri I come from, which bi question wey I sure say every person wey no be wite dey get for dis abroad, I just tell am say afrika. He say wia for afrika. I say naija. The guy say – “I hear your country is going through a transition right now”. Because election campaign dey heat up around dat time, I say yes – we are going to have an election soon. The guy say no, nobi wetin im dey talk be dat. I say wetin im mean. He say “your country is transitioning into an islamic republic” I try explain to am say naija na multi culture and multi religion contri and say we get equal no of both kristian and islam. De guy laugh – he say dat will change. I ask am how: the guy say they will use the Turkish model take islamize de contri. He say dem go first make sure say dem bring down de economy – say dat one go first drive away all the educated and enlightened people . Dem go make sure say pipu wey go fit oppose the agenda comot de contri. Then hunger go come full de land wey be say pipu go dey too busy dey find survival dan to boder about wetin govament dey doo. He say later, they will make sure say pipu wey be muslims na dem go dey get good tins for de contri, like beta job oo, contract oo; in short anytin wey concern govament.

De guy say even Saudi get hand for the plan. We been still dey talk wen the children finish the practice wey we come for, so e come reach time make we comot.

As I dey drive go house dat day, I begin dey process wetin dis stranger just been tell me. And because say my pikins dem go register for anoda basketball club, dat na de only time wen I meet dis person.

I come chek am true true, de first contri wey Buhari go visit when dem swear am in na Turkey!!

Wen I come begin see how naija dey go, how e be like say economic activities don dey grounded, stock market don crash, how naija refugees come de rush enter for de contri wey I dey; I really come begin dey ask myself say – abi dis oyinbo man really get intelligent information? Wen I see say we still dey sell Oyell, dey sell Natural Gas, dey export plenti odar commodities, upon all, we still dey borrow heavily, and notin wey dey ground to say na de projects wey dem dey carry all de money do be dis, I begin ask myself say “Wetin dey happen 4 naija?’ I hear say our gbese don reach $81billion now.

So I come call one of mi old frend like dat. Dis guy, me and am don dey tey tey – almost 20 years wey we don sabi, and him na good muslim. I say Ore, no vex say I wan ask you dis kin question oo – shey you think say dis our man really wan Islamize naija as people been dey speculate? The guy take heavy breath. Mi frend talk say “mi broad, make I no lie for you, if dis man wey I dey see so get chance to do am, im go do am oo; but he come add join say but im no think say e go fit do am”- na wetin my frend tell me be dat.

Small time, I begin dey see say all military position na muslim dey hold dem, I see say any position wey open – custom oo, immigrations oo, Prisons oo, Road Safety oo, Police oo, State Securiti oo, in-short- everi top posishion wey be federa govament job, na to muslims. Fear begin catch me make I no lie. To add salt for de injuri, I see say Appeal court leader na muslim, Supreme court leader na muslim, National Judicial Council na muslim, Senate President na muslim, even the House of Rep position wey Gbajabiamila carry, na still muslim – upon all dis one so – some pipu still dey say “The man is only appointing people he can work with” – in a secular, multi ethnic contri like Nigeria???

Ok, make I add am hia say rumour still dey go round weder Gbajabiamila na Kristian abi muslim – de reality be say im get to follow Buhari go attend Hajj for Saudi Arabia – in order word – even if im be Kristian befor, im decide to convert to Islam to get de Speaker position. Una no see say wahala dey soo?

We still dey talk dat one o – dem don import Fulani from other contri make dem come begin show us de signs of tins to come. Those ones begin kill, maim and destroy. Our people still dey think how dem go deal with dat menace, de govament wey no gree defend im pipu, wey no even behave like say anytin dey happen, dem say dem wan dash the Fulani killers N160billion of our money – make Fulani dem carry buy additional ammunition. Meanwhile dem say make de pipu surrenda any ammunition wey dey dem hand oo; so dat wen Fulani come kill u for night, u no fit fight back.

We still dey shout shuo – which kin govament bi dis? Dem say make una give una land to the Fulani wey dey kill una. Femi Adesina, de mouthpiece for president – wey be Christian before before oo, even tell pipu say make dem choose bitwin dem land and dem life – eeewooo!!!!

Pipu still dey digest dat one – dem say dem wan give radio licence to the same killer Fulani, make dem get wetin dem go take communicate wit demself wen de invashion start.

As dat one dey go on, I hear say dem don arrange registration centre for anybody wey wan become Nigerian to come register. I no believe dat one wen I first hear am – say a contri like UK abi Australia go just open a centre say ‘in case u dey for dis contri and you no get paper, just go to dis location and registar and you don become citizen like dat” – who dey do dat kin tin?? No so contri citizenship abi resident permit cheap reach?

Upon all dis signs wey full everi wia so, if person still talk say dis one contri tin no work, make each person go im own way – some people go still dey wonda why. Wetin dem wan carry de “one Nigeria” do, I no know. I no know which contri wey big populashion alone don help.

As I tell some pipu, if despite all these atrocities, some of our pipu still dey, wey support dis one-naigeria fraud, then I come begin see why despite say Noah shout shout shout, some pipu for dat bibu stori still no gree enter the Ark wey God tell am make im build; unti the rain sweep dem away.

As all dis one dey happen, dem dey keep all of una busy. Wen u even tell anybody for naija say see wetin dey happen, dem go dey surprise. Some go even tell you : “abeg stop dat Tales by Moonlight”.

Despite dis avalanche of storm wey dey threaten to sweep the whole south away so, some people for the region still dey follow dem plan am o. Dem dey follow dem plan de distruction of their own people; just becos say dem dash dem small appointment and give dem contract. OK, wen dem don finish their agenda and dem no need you again, wetin you tink say go happen to u? why our pipu no dey think like dis?

Pipu wey being follow control and rule dis naija don warn us. Dis na pipu wey sabi de politica gimicry wey don happen for dis contri , pipu like – T.Y Danjuma talk, dem say na bicos govament wan take im Oil licence, say na wetin im dey fight for be dat; Obasanjo talk, dem say ah, na becos govament wan probe im past regime, Oyedepo for Winners don talk, dem say na bicos dis govament don block stealing so im church members don broke, dem no dey gree pay tite again. Okay – how about Pa Ayo Adebanjo who is in his 80s? Dat one self get somtin to loose? How about Yinka Odumakin for Afenifere? How about Gani Adams for OPC?, How about IBB? OK, Maybe Femi Fani Kayode too dey shout to the heavens because im self no get ministerial appointment, abi?

Even if we tink say OBJ don dey too talk, how about T.Y. Danjuma wey be ‘man of very little words’? Dis very reticent man, wey open mouth talk say the killings wey una dey see, say dis govament get hand inside, say de naija military dey even cover for the killers, say make una wake up oderwise, una go just wake up one day, find out say all of us don become slaves – e no reach make we think? De man call am “Ethnic Cleansing” – shey na becos e neva reach ur village pipu abi? – I hope say una hear say one of the kidnappers wey police catch for Taraba state, as police dey carry am go Jalingo, de Nigeria army people kill 3 police and one civilian, come free the Fulani kidnaper!! Shey una don see wetin TY Danjuma dey talk, say de military de cover for de killers?

I hope say pipu go put mouth to allow OBJ, TY Danjuma , Ayo Adebanjo and the rest to help us do dis Restructuring now before dem time go reach and dem ‘comot’; becos If dis pipu go and these invaders no get any opposition again, wetin dem go carry our eye see no go be small tin oo. I know say some people go still say – ‘make una no mind this writer – na PDP paid agent. Me I no get any parti card but wetin I don see for dis my small time for dis earth where naija talk concern, na pipu wey no get anythin in common de british people lump togeda, come give dem de name “Nigeria”. And we don hear say de whole tin self na like laboratory experiment. All of us don see now say de experiment, like incompartible chemical wey dem mix togeda don blow up.  Until wen each person go identify and define im own part, na de same one place we go dey and for anoda 30years, wetin our pikins dems go face go even worse pass as e be now.

We know say de govament don plant some of dia agents everywhere – inside all the chat groups, facebook, twitter and even neigbourhoods. Dem don instruct dem say anywia dem dey talk bad about de govament, make dem dey shut pipu up. Those pipu go dey talk say “make you no come cause katakata for naija oo, say nothing wey dey happen and everitin dey ok.”

One person tell me just dis week – “I even suspect that there are several Nigerians on social media both in Diaspora and inside Nigeria that are working for all these so called terrorist”. I agree wit de guy. De signs full everi wia now. Pipu wey be say de small change wey dem give dem now go make dem sell the destiny of their present and future generation. Pipu wey don thruway their self respect and dignity – wey hold present enjoyment wey no go last, over and above de freedom and freewill of their future generashions. I dey see dem all around me. Yoruba proverb say “Enu ti je dodo, ko le so ododo mo” meaning de mouth has chop dodo (fried plantain), it cannot talk true again. Dat is di situashion of dis pipu. I call dem ‘a bunch of treacherous lots.

Wen I see dis same pipu wey dey support dis govament still dey complane, na laught I dey laught dem. If no bi say e go get as e be, I suppose tell dem “stew in your own juice”.

Make una look all around una – una go see say even una neigbour wey be muslims, na dem dey get all the good jobs – even in the south. The truth be say, me I don begin suspect say even our friends and neigbours wey be muslims, some of dem get hand for dis plans and atrocities wey dey go on so. Di kin bodi language wey I dey see convince me say, some of dem, their hands no clean.

Yoruba people talk say “Oba to je ti ilu toro, oruko e, ko ni pare;  eyi to de je, ti ilu baje, oruko e na ko ni pare” – e mean say the king wey be say e rule, wey im kingdom enjoy peace, im name go last forever, and de one wey be say, na durin im reign everytin come dabaru, im name self no go ever comot for pipu memori. Dis one wey dey there so, how we go take rememba am? Make una be de judge!!


I needed to chronicle my long association with friends and associates who happen to be muslims because i anticipate feedbacks like, ‘oh, he is such a zealot’ or ‘he is islamophobic’. I have had people who say, ‘ dont seat in your own comfort and be heating up the polity in nigeria’. I can only say to those people: ‘you dont just get it’.

Nigerians have lived cohesively together for ages, with marriages and unions cutting across ethnic and religious divides. This government, which in biblical parlance, “has come to kill, to steal and to destroy”, may finally have changed all of that, whether we want to admit it or not. There is now so much mistrust and acrimony of one ethnicity on others, such as I have never imagined was possible.

A friend of mine who is Ibo by tribe and married to a yoruba woman just relocated back to the East. He wanted to sell his house in Lagos and use the proceeds to complete his house in the East. His wife refused to go with him to the East. While the husband is saying he wants to move back home because no one knows what will happen to nigeria, given how things are going, the wife is saying she does not want to move from Lagos to the East because no one knows what will happen to nigeria. So the husband is living in the East with 2 of their children, while the wife remained in Lagos with the other 3 children. Now, that is the extent to which our nigeria has been polarized under this government. When you hear a whole Oba of Lagos saying any Ibo that does not vote his candidate will end up in the Ocean and Oluremi Tinubu saying “They no longer trust Ibos” – can you blame my friend?

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