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What are the demands of the Niger Delta Avengers?


Tony Osborg

1. Immediate implementation of the report of the 2014 National Conference. Otherwise, this country will break-up forcefully.

2. The ownership of oil blocks must reflect 60% for the oil producing people and 40% for the non-oil producing people.

3. The only Nigerian Maritime University sited in the most appropriate and befitting place Okerenkoko must start the 2015/2016 academic session immediately.

4. The Ogoniland and indeed all oil polluted lands in the Niger Delta must be cleaned up and compensation be paid to all oil producing communities.

5. Mr Nnamdi Kanu, the Leader of IPOB must be released unconditionally as the court said.

6. All APC members that are indicted in any corruption related cases should be made to face trial like the PDP members.

7. All oil multi-nationals and foreign investors should observe this ultimatum, as their business interest in the country must be first target.

Nigeria is not a reasonable country, so don’t expect people to use reasonable approaches in getting what they want out of the country.

The Niger Delta Militants used violence to get Niger Delta Ministry for the South-South, Boko Haram has used violence to get the North East Commission for the North-East. The Yorubas and Igbos will rise up soon. The precedent has already been set. That is what works in Nigeria; violence.

Violence is the only language this unitary-military government understands. So those who use violence to get what they want out of the criminal country are not entirely wrong. After all, the country is a violent and criminal country.

Nigeria as it is presently constituted belongs to nobody so are its assets and officials. The politicians have ripped off the country, the civil servants have ripped off the country, Niger Delta Militants have ripped off the country, Boko Haram has ripped off the country. The Niger Delta Avengers has come to do their own part.

Nigeria is a failed country. Let the ripping off continue. It will continue anyway.

The day the Niger Delta Avengers shall include true federalism as part of their demands, I shall relocate to the creeks, find them and offer them free intellectual consultancy services.

Nigeria is a country that chases its best brains away, kills its own people, destroy its own land and deliberately under-develop its people. If we do not destroy this Nigeria and rebuild the Nigeria of our dream under the principle of true federalism, this Nigeria will destroy us. It is already destroying us.

Since violence is the only language the Nigerian government understand, I am now interested in studying that course.

Nigeria is already close to its elastic point, once it gets there, it will explode, anyway. And we all shall be consumed by that explosion. We have a choice.

When a government lacks legitimacy from its people, uprisings become inevitable.

The best the Nigerian Army can do is to commit genocide against Niger Delta communities all in the name of chasing militants. We know of its track record in the North East. The Niger Delta is the most difficult part of the country to be engaged in guerilla warfare.

Military confrontation cannot resolve this kind of crisis. We need to look at the root causes and fix it.




Tony Osborg, the author

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