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What is hate speech more than jihad? ~ By Odilim Enwegbara


First, hate speech contravenes section 36 of the constitution and since the constitution is supreme to all other laws of the land, the hate speech bill cannot is passed into law let alone signed into law to enact it.

Second, hate speech itself is designed as the shortest route to the Inslamization of Christians and possibly the Fulanization of the south.

Third, unknown to those championing the so-called hate speech bill, it is against the UN Universal Human Rights and Free Speech, which Nigeria is a signatory to as a member of the UN.

That’s why Nigeria will be immediately expelled from the UN the day this Sharia-based hate speech bill is signed into law.

Besides Nigeria’s expulsion, all members of the Buhari regime and our so-called lawmakers will be shocked to discover that they will be banned from entering the UN member states since these are civilised nations that make the UN.

So, I see about happening in Nigeria what can be likened to when an antelope wanting to end up inside the belly of a lion seems mad enough to think it can go to fight a lion, especially a lion minding its own business.

Was it not still fresh in our minds what happened to Abacha when he, besides hanging Saro-Wiwa, went ahead to tell the world that he had power to decide what Nigerians could under his regime. But because there was a limit to how much he could stretch his luck, the world had to stop Abacha.

Today’s Buhari is repeating the human rights abuses that led to Abacha getting to the end of his road.

I’m ready to discuss this so-called hate speech bill on AIT and Channels.

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