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What Is Really Going On In Nigeria Today? ~ By Odilim Enwegbara


Kidnappers now inside the city of Abuja kidnapping people with impunity?

Right now there is an ongoing fighting in the Presidential Villa with the real first lady refusing to be kicked out of her room in the villa?

Is Osinbajo still in Oslo or have they done send forth party for him to leave the Villa?

Nigerians and other Africans recently killed in South Africa and Buhari rushed to visit and, rather than fiercely oppose what happened, warned Nigerians to be good guests?

Kaduna schools now invaded by kidnappers and picking up helpless school children?

Herdsmen now telling state lawmakers that their state laws are of no consequence to them after all they are the ones controlling the police and military at the centre?

On Tuesday Buhari made biggest fiscal scam when he presented to the National Assembly a budget without any known sources of funding and without letting lawmakers know what would be the fate of the 2019 budget that by law should run its full legal course till June 2020?

Today, 95 million out of the country’s 200 million Nigerians are under severe poverty thanks to feudalist buharinomics?

Between 2015 and 2019, Nigerian GDP has lost $171 billion? And as if not enough our debt at N12 trillion in May 2015 is now N30 trillion?

And our debt service to revenue ratio now dangerously heading close to 80%, which at 30% would have alarmed us as it definitely should alarm all serious minded countries?

The judiciary now locked up with the key totally in Buhari’s hand as his fascist government like Hitler’s in late 1930s did to Germany’s judiciary?


If the political class has been stealing trillions so why should bandits collecting mere N3 billion become a matter of concern?

If they have decided to henceforth get their own share officially upfront, at least they too have to buy expensive cars, houses and marry more wives.

This way is Nigeria not working for all?

Odilim Enwegbara

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