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What sin did 2016 Junior WAEC candidates commit against Obiano?

Anambra State is the only state that her Junior WAEC candidates are yet to take their 2016 exams in Nigeria. An abberation you think?

When I said that Gov Obiano and his team lack the needed ideas to run Anambra State, some people tend to argue .

Thank God that his actions and inactions keep on proving me right .

Anambra State educational system was so bad prior to Gov Obi administration,and the Government of Peter Obi fought so hard to reinvent the  system. His efforts paid off as Anambra State started coming top on Education among other states of the federation.

Today, the educational policies that hitherto put Anambra State ahead of others which was handed over to Obiano are facing calculated sabotage and somersault  by the Govt team .

Are you aware that Anambra State Children are the only ones that are yet to write their Junior WAEC exams because they have Obiano as their Governor?

God have mercy!

Things will get worse if we give him another tenure .

My anger is not that he could not add to our development pot, but destroying the signature legacies of his predecessor .

“Anambra State has made progress…” ~Pat Utomi

But we must not allow Obiano to destroy this progress which he inherited .

Our Governor , please pity our children and allow them write their Junior WAEC which is their constitutional existential right.

God bless Anambra State .


Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia©2016

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