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When Incompetence sits on the Throne ~ By Onyemaechi Ogbunwezeh


Nigeria is on the brink of anarchy. The situation is tense. The distrust of the government is at an all time high. The people are no longer patient. They are poor, hungry, angry and disillusioned.

They have seen that their government is peopled by myopic individuals, who are evil minded.

They have seen that their government and elites are sociopathic bloodsuckers, who are ready to genocide all of them out of existence to maintain their sick, unmerited privilege.

They have seen that the elites, who have captured the Nigerian state, are ready to shoot innocent youths, eviscerate their heritage, and lynch them, while they are singing the national anthem in allegiance to their fatherland.

They have seen that the government is only ready to dialogue with you, if you are an armed terrorist. But very quick to send soldiers to murder you, if you are a peaceful protester, who wants to air your views peacefully.

Nigerian youths witnessed Buhari’s government rehabilitating Boko Haram terrorists. Boko Haram has killed tens of thousands of Nigerian. Yet the Nigerian government is rehabilitating them. They witnessed the government bribing the Miyetti Allah- the major backbone of the Fulani nomadic terrorists. The Fulani herdsmen has killed and continued to kill thousands of Nigerians in their beds. Yet the Nigeria government empathizes with them for their hustled cattle and bribes them with 100 Billion naira, in restitution for their cattle.

But when unarmed groups like the Shiite Muslims or the IPOB protest, the government orders them gunned down in broad daylight.

The Nigerian youths have seen that those were dress rehearsals for the Lekki Tollgate Massacres.

Are such situations not the breweries of anarchy and revolution?

As these protests were going on, there is a pronounced lack of leadership. The Nigerian government was missing in action. The incompetence and mismanagement of the tense situation, worsened the outcomes.

Those protests by Nigerian youths, was an explosion of their bottled anger at the hopelessness that Nigeria has fed them all their lives.

What they needed was a reassurance from their country that their lives mattered. They hungered and thirsted for assurances that their concerns, were legitimate and are the prerogatives of youth everywhere.

But their country sent them bullets, as they sat chorusing patriotic anthems of allegiance to their father land.

Their fatherland murdered them while they called him father.

Okonkwo murdered Ikemefuna.

What was lacking throughout the whole impasse was leadership.

Buhari failed to show up as a leader. He appeared as Dracula, to drink the blood of his fellow citizens.

At Lekki, Nigerian youths saw a murderous and incompetent sociopath, who had no restraint in slaughtering them to appease his avaricious hold on power.

As a leader, Muhammadu Buhari was an atrocity.

Long after the dead must have been buried, and the smokes evaporate, these protests must have shown themselves as the birth pangs of a new Nigeria, or the explosion that compromised the Walls protecting us from anarchy.

It must have shown itself either as the genesis of the rise and fall of many in Nigeria; the dawn of a new era, where the reign of impunity is forever history; or the epilogue to a colonial experiment at nation building, that has brutally and disastrously failed.

As the fogs of these protests clear,leadership across all strata in Nigeria, is coming to the realization, that they were not trusted by the people. They are realizing that people tolerated them, due to their impoverishment and powerlessness. No politician is trusted by the people anymore.

And this is dangerous, because these vacuums can easily be filled by a dangerous demagogue, who can inaugurate the exodus of reason in the polity,paving the way for tyranny and genocide.

We have been on this trajectory since Nigeria came into being. Decades of political leadership betrayed the aspirations of Nigerians. It squandered the Nigeria potential in subservience to an avaricious credo, that has been visionless, ruthless and retrogressive. Little wonder Chinua Achebe contended that the Trouble with Nigeria is leadership.

But it took the murderous incompetence and buffooneries of Muhammadu Buhari, who ordered soldiers to shoot at protesters, to bring us to this point of social explosion.

He wanted to couch his weakness as strength by ordering unarmed protesters shot.

He admitted as much in his lacklustre speech, which was nothing but the droolings of profound incompetence pregnant with arrogance and impunity.

The ogre who wants to show us, that accepting the demands of the protesters doesn’t mean that he was weak, by ordering the protesters shot, ended up showing us that he is a coward that belongs in a dock in the Hague, answering for crimes against humanity.

Nigeria has arrived at these crossroads because of the mismanagement of a momentous time in history. Such mismanagements have always crowned the march of folly.

This is why it is always a disaster to elect incompetence to any leadership position. It will always lead its charge to hell.

As a president, Buhari is an atrocity. His incompetence is grotesque. And the tragedy is that his handlers are arrogant sociopaths, the kind that has never been seen since the collapse of the King Louis XV‘s court at Versailles.

Nigeria paid for it with the blood of our tomorrow, at Lekki, and across the States and cities of Nigeria, where they have been murdered.

This testifies to the fact that when incompetence sits on the throne, blood flows on the streets.

Buhari and Donald Trump are living testaments to that.

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