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When Will The Evil-Inspired Evisceration of Donald Trump End? – By Daniel Ilu


It’s sad, really sad, what’s being passed off as media coverage of Donald Trump and his young Presidency.  

This is certainly no longer the American media I and many others grew up to love and admire while we grew up in Nigeria.  To paraphrase what a former Nigerian military officer said about an institution he once headed, this is now an “American media of anything goes.”

CNN and Co. push out drivel everyday that would make Joseph Goebbels blush with envy. These once-respected institutions of journalism, including the New York Times and the Washington Post, etc., are now the undisputed defenders of the “Swamp”, the Washington, DC status quo Donald Trump promised his supporters he would shake up. 

The problem now is that this “alligator-media” still pretends to be speaking for all, including non-supporters of Donald Trump, who know there is a lot rotten about the status quo in American politics—and life.

Let’s start with the so-called and contrived “Trump-connived-with Russia-to-Rig-the-Elections” chimera. The real truth is that the liberal media, the biggest segment of the media in the US, unfortunately, does not care a hoot about how Vladimir Putin actually allegedly got to “impose” someone he favoured as US President. 

It’s not as if the media, or those shadowy forces that control it in the US as they do most other segments of American life, care about rank-and-file Americans! But they do care about their interests and see Putin as a big threat to such. 

This faceless, powerful but evil minority in the US which had tolerated Putin’s despicable authoritarianism for years only turned on him after he passed what they considered an anti-gay law in Russia in 2013. Do your research or at least “google” it: Putin signed that legislation into law in Russia in June 2013; the “crisis” in Ukraine masterminded by the West; Putin’s subsequent annexation of Ukraine; the massive sanctions the West imposed against him; the cries of Russian intervention in the electoral processes of Western nations; Putin’s support for Trump, etc., all happened AFTER that singular action by Putin in 2013.

What is going on now across a large segment of the US bureaucracy and media is simply the same-sex apologists flexing their muscles in defence of what they consider their lifestyle, and an extended attempt to neutralize what they perceive as a major threat to it.

Starting from the extremely gay-friendly Obama Administration these were the same elements that have sought to convince the rest of us that despite what we read about the exploits of the Nursing pioneer, Florence Nightingale in the Crimean War of the 19th Century, the Crimea that Russia JUSTIFIABLY annexed just a few years ago actually belongs to Ukraine!

Pray, which soldiers wounded the British soldiers that Florence Nightingale, the founder of the modern Nursing profession as we now know it, treated on the battlefields during that war? Were they wounded by Ukrainian soldiers or Russian soldiers, as history rightly taught us? If so, when from that time in the 19th Century till the recent Russian annexation did Ukraine seize or conquer the Crimea from Russian forces, to now make it Ukrainian property?

Beware the propagandists who seek to confuse and misinform the rest of us and actually risk a World War 3, just to protect their warped sexual choices and “way of life”. 

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