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Whistleblower, George Davidson’s life in danger inside ICPC cell —CSO

By Eagle Eye Transparency International

Patriotic Nigerians our source within ICPC informed us yesterday that the phones or George Davidson were forcefully confiscated from him by the Chief Security Officer (CSO), Mr Niemadu Wellington .

The CSO has vowed to Davidson that he would die in his cell, based on the instructions he has from the ICPC chairman and the director operations Mr Lawal Akeem.

Our informant in the Special Investigation Team of ICPC told us that the phones of their suspect was taken by the CSO without their consent and that of the Davidson consent.

This issues raised concern because, the assertion that our agent gave false information on Ms Regina Dominic has nothing to do with his phone.

We learned that the CSO uses his boys among them is one Mr Ikemba whom is a killer squad of the CSO . Ikemba specializes in poisoning suspect meal.

The CSO vowed on the 14th Oct 2020 that with the instructions given him by his boss Mr Lawal Akeem as directed by the chairman ICPC Mr Bolaji Owasayanoye, he will ensure that Davidson does not access any form of medications .

No visit of any kind, no communication and only meals from him and Ikemba the specialist in food poisoning.

We are reliably informed that the commission is chasing shadows currently as they are really bereft of the next step to take.

We were informed that a Trump up charge of jail break attempt be fabricated and slammed on Davidson. All orchestrated by the Mr Lawal Akeem the director operations.

Another persecutor mentioned is Mr Akpononimisingha Ekoi Osunobi.

Even the investigation officers namely, Ofile Innocent, Mamman Kuru & Ms Kadijat Kotongora are said to be confused the the intention of the CSO and the director operations Mr Lawal Akeem.

ICPC cell according to an operative within is worst than that of SARS We gathered currently, only Davidson is in the cell if his only cell mate perfected his bail condition yesterday been Friday as he has stayed for 37 days without a single appearance in any Court of law.

Our agent informed us that the current chairman of ICPC and his kinsman, the director operations Mr Lawal Akeem are out to make sure every opportunity is used to amass wealth irrespective of the rules of law. Every other person outside the director of operations and director Special Duty Department Mr Shehu Dauda Is scared of the next moment as to what the Chairman might do .

A recent case that the chairman is involved in a complexity is the case of NDDC two directors whom Mr President asked the ICPC to investigate.

The two directors were detained and after the visit by two other directors from the NDDC to the director of operations Mr Lawal Akeem on the instructions of Mr Bolaji Owasayanoye, the case is kept in view despite Mr President marching orders.

“ICPC investigation is for sale”an operative exclaimed. He said he has been here for a decade ago but what he is experiencing now is a departure from the vision and mission of ICPC since Mr Bolaji Owasayanoye and his kinsman Mr Lawal Akeem took over.

He said the recent style of ICPC to rush to Magistrate Court to obtain detention orders of 1st fourteen days in a non-capital allegations/offences is totally strange in a supposedly professional institution like ICPC but regrettably, the director operations Mr Lawal Akeem sees it as the quickest channel to intimidate, break his victims spirit in order to put them in very disadvantage position to enable them make him offers in cash or kind.

Akeem Lawal is so power drunk that legal advice meant nothing to him as long as he Carry’s his kinsman Mr Bolaji Owasayanoye along.

They have Mr Akpononimisingha Ekoi Osunobi & Innocent Ofile, all lawyers who interpret law upside-down for the purposes of extortion and compromising investigations that evidence are overwhelming.

Akpononimisingha Ekoi Osunobi is a specialist in the game and he is training Mr Ofile Innocent currently on how to use legal advice to truncate high profile cases and make personal cash from the primary suspects.

Nigerians these questions are begging for answers from Mr Bolaji Owasayanoye, Mr Lawal Akeem, Offile Innocent, Mamman Kuru Ms Kadijat Kontagora.

We are a global network against corruption.

We have few questions for you to enable us balance our report.

Are you a staff of ICPC -STI?

Are you the team leader investigating Davidson?

What is giving of false information?

How many properties have you confirmed from what our partner Davidson Davidson supplied to you?

What is the status of the case against Ms Regina Dominic that was reported to you?

Where is Regina now?

Where is Davidson?

You are a lawyer right?

What is abuse of office?

How much did you collect from Regina?

What influence does Akpononimisingha Ekoi Osunobi have on you?

We shall appreciate you respond within two hours from now . This is in the spirit of fair hearing .

Eagle Eyes global network

Mr Ofile Innocent, are you a trained investigator?

Have you visited the properties submitted by Davidson?

How many did you confirm so far?

Have you visited CAC on her status as a director of a private company and a shareholder?

Are you aware Regina Dominic is a civil servant?

Ofile Innocent, what is the rationale behind detaining Davidson?

Did you at any time invite Davidson to take you to any of the mentioned properties and he failed?

What is the status of the investigation on Regina Dominic?

How much were you paid by Regina Dominic to detain Davidson?

How long can you succeed on this?

Are you one of Prof Bolaji Owasayanoye hunting dogs like Akpononimisingha Ekoi Osunobi?

This and many more questions in the days ahead for you and your paymasters.

Where is Davidson phone?

Is Wellington Nkemadu the new Investigation officer?

Why would you want to poison Davidson?

[Eagle Eye Transparency International]

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