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White House to pull down fencing months after January 6 riot


The White House is set to pull down the metal fencing around its perimeters six months after attacks by a mob on the building.

The fence was set up as a security measure on January 7 after supporters of former President Donald Trump breached barricades and security checkpoints, accessed the building, and wrecked damages estimated at $1.5m.

The attacks were fueled by Trump’s speech during a rally, encouraging his supporters to march to Capitol Hill to protest the ratification of the elections. The violence that ensued led to five deaths, with 140 police officers injured.

Lawmakers and then Vice President Mike Pence who were in the process of certifying Joe Biden’s win had to be evacuated from the building.

According to ABC news, a memo sent to House offices revealed that plans to remove the temporary fencing around the Capitol had been approved on Friday by the Capitol Police Board, an oversight body supervising security on Capitol Hill.

In the memo, Sergeant at Arms, William Walker, disclosed that the board’s decision was made based on recommendations by the United State Capitol Police, in conjunction with the “District of Columbia, neighboring state and federal law enforcement partner.”

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